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Support for rental car choosing! Thorough description of popular car types Mitsubishi DELICA D: 5

  • A strong body is designed as an RV. The rib-like "rib bone frame" ensures safety in the event of a collision.

  • Interior Length x Interior Width x Interior Height
    2915 x 1505 x 1310 mm
    Wheel base
    2850 mm

  • Overall Length x Overall Width x Overall Height
    4730 x 1795 x 1807 mm

  • The electronically controlled 4WD can be selected in 3 modes and responds to a wide range of road surfaces.

  • Carrier width x Carrier length
    1250 x 700 mm

It has been a popular car since it was launched in 2007 under the theme of the fusion of the kindness of minivans and the strength of SUVs. Although DELICA D: 5 is a minivan, it has a high ability to travel on rough roads, can be driven on a variety of occasions.
[Vehicle provided: Daido-Lease Naha Office]

Type of car
Station Wagon
Number of Passengers
7・8 people
Fuel Mileage

・In 2007, DELICA D: 5 got 6 stars, (★★★★★★), which is the highest from 1 to 6 stars, in Collision Safety Performance Tests of Car Assessment.
・Depending its type or grade, DELICA is for 7 people, or for 8 people.
・Received the 2007 GOOD DESIGN AWARD.
・The emergency automatic brake is not equipped.
・Do not use gasoline when fueling because it is a diesel car.
※Fuel efficiency and in-vehicle equipment may vary depending on the year and grade of the car.
※Image is for illustration purposes.Drinks and confectionery, USB cables, etc. are not sold or rented at offices. In addition, the color of the car body and the seats may differ depending on the office.

Images of interior and getting on DELICA D: 5

  • 360度アイコン

    Viewing points can be changed by dragging the cursor on the 3D pictures

    Since the entire vehicle is designed in a square design, the interior of the vehicle is characterized as an indoor space.

  • Triangular windows are provided on the front left and right to ensure clear visibility even from the driver's seat in high position.

    A storage space is provided in each of the first, second and third row seats, which is convenient for traveling and driving.

  • You can sit on the third row seat, and every seat has good leg room.

    The gasoline lever is at the lower right of the steering wheel.

Seats layout, Luggage space

  • There are some steps, but you can relax if you recline the second or third row seats.

    The height from the ground to luggage space is 620 mm, which is relatively low.

  • The third row seats can be moved back and forth, which changes the load capacity. At this time, the maximum number of passengers is 7-8. (The number varies depending on vehicle type)

    If you fold third row seats to the left and right, you can put four or more medium-sized suitcases. With this luggage, the maximum number of passengers is 5.

  • If you lay your golf bag down, other suitcases can be stored. With this luggage, the maximum number of passengers is 5.

Equipments and Specifications of DELICA D: 5

  • The door pocket has 3 steps and a large capacity. You can store many items from drinks to guidebook in the door pocket.

  • The cup holder under the console is the only one in the front part. It is suitable for an opened can and paper cup.

  • The pocket under the console is just the right size for putting coins and parking validation.

  • The central console has four cup holders and one deep pocket, which is useful for long drives.

  • Although the dashboard is small, it has a depth so it can store confectionery, drinks, and so on.

  • The passenger seat has a back pocket that can store guidebooks and other items.

  • There is a hook on the back of the seat so you can hang shopping bags and so on, without laying it down.

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