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Support for rental car choosing! Thorough description of popular car types Toyota C-HR

  • The SUV is designed to be suitable not only for outdoors but also for cities.

  • Interior Length x Interior Width x Interior Height
    1800 x 1455 x 1210 mm
    Wheel base

  • Overall Length x Overall Width x Overall Height
    4360 x 1795 x 1565 mm

  • Interior design is simple, so you can sit in driver's seat with confidence even for the first time. However, because the vehicle is large and the rearview is narrow, please be careful if you are not good at parking and backing up a car.

  • Carrier width x Carrier length
    1400mm x 770mm

C-HR is "Compact SUV". There are many parts in common with the popular PRIUS, making it easy to operate and drive. However, because the vehicle is large and the rearview is narrow, please be careful if you use it in city areas and on narrow roads etc.
【Vehicles provided by TOYOTA Rental & Leasing Okinawa Naha Airport Office】

Type of car
Mid-sized and Large Vehicles
Number of Passengers
5 people
Fuel Mileage

・There are two types of C-HR: for non hybrid and hybrid cars, and the fuel efficiency differs greatly depending on the car type.
・Equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking for another vehicle or pedestrians, it’s very safe.
・It is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense P as standard.
・You can enjoy quiet driving even on bad roads.
※Fuel efficiency and in-vehicle equipment may vary depending on the year and grade of the car.
※Image is for illustration purposes. Drinks and confectionery, USB cables, etc. are not sold or rented at offices. In addition, the color of the car body and the seat may differ depending on the office.

Images of interior and getting on C-HR

  • 360度アイコン

    Viewing points can be changed by dragging the cursor on the 3D pictures

    There is a sense of luxury, the seat that fits the body is perfect for those who enjoy driving. However, it is recommended for two people who want to enjoy a trip, because the space in the back seat and luggage space is limited.

  • You can enjoy relaxed driving because you can sit back in the seat. However, there is not much space around your feet and window is small in the back.

    The gasoline lever is at the lower right of the steering wheel.

Seats layout, Luggage space

  • The height from the ground to luggage space is relatively high, so please be careful when loading and unloading luggage.

    If you do not fold the back seat, you can store four small-size suitcases and have five passengers.

  • If you do not fold the back seat, you can store one medium-size suitcase and two small-size suitcases, and have five passengers.

    If you fold one back seat forward, you can store a golf bag and one medium-size suitcase. With luggage, the maximum number of passengers is 2 to 3.

Equipments and Specifications of C-HR

  • There is easy access to two cup holders in the console box. Because the cup holder has the depth, the paper cup may be difficult to take out depending on its shape.

  • There are hooks on the left and right sides that can hang a bag.

  • There are door pockets on the left and right of the front seat that can store drinks with lids. Also, large guidebooks and brochures cannot be stored.

  • Although the dashboard has a height, it cannot store large guidebooks and brochures.

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