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Support for rental car choosing! Thorough description of popular car types Mazda AXELA

  • While having a sporty appearance, the body is simple and compatible with any place.

  • Interior Length x Interior Width x Interior Height
    1845 x 1505 x 1170 mm Wheel base

  • Overall Length x Overall Width x Overall Height
    4580 x 1795 x 1465 mm

  • Heads-up display with meters and car navigation minimizes eye movement during driving. Also, you can perform many of the operations by the steering. The engine button may be slightly hidden by the steering.

  • Carrier width x Carrier length
    1250 x 1000 mm

is the Mazda's sedan sold worldwide. It is recommended for families or long drives, because of its quiet engine and luggage storage.
【Vehicles provided by Times Car RENTAL Naha Airport Office】

Type of car
Mid-sized and Large Vehicles
Number of Passengers
5 people
Fuel Mileage

・You can enjoy safe and comfortable drive with ""SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY"".
・There are two types of Axela: For gasoline type and For diesel type.
You have to refuel diesel fuel with diesel car.
※Fuel efficiency and in-vehicle equipment may vary depending on the year and grade of the car.

Images of interior and getting on AXELA

  • 360度アイコン

    Viewing points can be changed by dragging the cursor on the 3D pictures

    The front and rear seats are spacious, making it convenient for travel. In addition, the back seat has an angle that allows you to sit comfortably and deeply.

  • Even when five people get in, there is also plenty of space around the overhead and foot area. You can fit five people comfortably.

    The gasoline lever is at the lower right of the steering wheel.

Seats layout, Luggage space

  • Although it is a sedan type car, the height from the ground to luggage area is relatively low. For this reason, it is not difficult to load or unload the luggage. However, tall people may find it somewhat difficult to use, because there is depth

    The luggage space is deep, so you can store two medium-size suitcases. (If small-size, you can stored about four) With luggage, the maximum number of passengers is five.

  • After storing a golf bag, one medium-size suitcase and one small/medium size suitcase can be stored. With luggage, the maximum number of passengers is five.

    If you fold the back seat forward, you can store luggage with depth. (At this time, the maximum number of passengers at this time is 3 to 4.)

Equipments and Specifications of AXELA

  • The console has two cup holders and a console box with 2 USB power supplies. The console box is in two stages and is easy to use, but is in a position difficult to take something out whilst driving.

  • The dashboard is relatively small and cannot store large guidebooks or brochures.

  • The door pocket is also small and drinks cannot store a drink or large guidebooks.

  • The seat pocket on the back of passenger seat can store guidebooks.

  • There is a cup holder on the rear seat armrest.

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