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Support for rental car choosing! Thorough description of popular car types Honda N-BOX

  • Since the car floor is low overall, it is easy even for children to get in and out. Because of the sliding door, you do not have to worry about accidentally hitting the door on the wall or the next car when parking.

  • Interior Length x Interior Width x Interior Height
    2240 x 1350 x 1400 mm
    Wheel base
    2520 mm

  • Overall Length x Overall Width x Overall Height
    3395 x 1475 x 1790 mm

  • The meters are not obscured by the steering wheel, so you can enjoy driving without moving your eyes. Also, when the driver's side door cannot be opened, you can get in and out from the passenger's side door.

  • Carrier width x Carrier length
    900 x 400 mm

Due to its high, spacious interior and safety, Honda N-BOX is the most sold car in Japan among compact and ordinary cars. While equipped with the same safety equipment as compact and ordinary cars, Honda N-BOX is an attractive light car, because it has the widest interior space among light cars and is easy to access.
【Vehicles provided by ORIX Rent a Car Naha Airport Office】

Type of car
Mini vehicle
Number of Passengers
4 people
Fuel Mileage

・Equipped with Honda's Advanced Driver -Assistive System- ""Honda SENSING"" as standard.
・You can load the bicycle even standing into the luggage space.
・You can move the front passenger seat and the second row seat, freely, so you can alter the layout according to use.
・The N-BOX is categorized as a light car, so the maximum number of passengers is 4.
※Fuel efficiency and in-vehicle equipment may vary depending on the year and grade of the car.
※Image is for illustration purposes.Drinks and confectionery, USB cables, etc. are not sold or rented at offices. In addition, the color of the car body and the seats may differ depending on the office.

Images of interior and getting on N-BOX

  • 360度アイコン

    Viewing points can be changed by dragging the cursor on the 3D pictures

    The passenger seat can be connected to the driver's seat and used as bench seats. Also, when the driver's side door cannot be opened, you can get in and out from the passenger's side door. The back seats can move back and forth, and be folded, so you can layout the seats highly flexible.

  • Because the driver seat has a wide view, even beginner can enjoy driving.

    The soft, thick sofa-like seats are comfortable and allow you to enjoy spending time in the car.

  • In the back seat, even if a 180cm tall person sits down, there is enough room around the knees.

    The height of the step is 350 mm, which is relatively low.

  • The slide door is easy to get in and out of because it opens wide like a minivan.

    There is no gasoline lever, and the fuel cap appears when the lid (Fuel lid) is pressed directly. (Please unlock the car if you do not use self-service gas station)

Seats layout, Luggage space

  • You can make space to lie down if you recline the front row seat.

    The height from the ground to luggage space is low, making it easy to load and unload.

  • Even if you do not fold the back seat, 3 small-size suitcases can be stored.

    You can load a golf bag if you fold the back seat. With this luggage, the maximum number of passengers is 3.

  • The back seats can be stored on the car floor, so you can load bikes and other tall items.

    Because its tall height, you can store golf bags upright.

Equipments and Specifications of N-BOX

  • There is a dashboard and easy-to-get cup holder within easy reach of the driver's seat.

  • Under the console, there is a hook that can hang small things such as plastic bags, etc.

  • Under the console, there is a container for a wallet, etc.

  • You can charge your smartphone directly without using a cigar socket. Two USBs are available.

  • Although the passenger seat is small, it is easy to use.

  • There is an upright cup holder in the door pocket, which can also store a small guidebook.

  • On the seat back of the first row seat, there is a seat pocket and a hook that can hang a bag.

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