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Support for rental car choosing! Thorough description of popular car types Mazda ROADSTER

  • The long bonnet makes dynamic and original appearance as a sports car.

  • Interior Length x Interior Width x Interior Height
    940 x 1425 x 1055 mm
    Wheel base
    2310 mm

  • Overall Length x Overall Width x Overall Height
    3915 x 1735 x 1235 mm

  • Recommended for those who want to enjoy driving where the steering wheel, accelerator, and brake are faithfully reflected if you do so.

  • Carrier width x Carrier length
    1050 x 550 mm

ROADSTER is the convertible sports car manufactured by Mazda. Among the major car rental companies, it is probably the only two-passenger car. It is recommended car people who want to enjoy driving purely because the luggage space and interior space is limited).
【Vehicles provided by Times Car RENTAL Naha Airport Office】

Type of car
Compact car
Number of Passengers
2 people
Fuel Mileage

・It is a sports car for two passengers.
・You can open the roof and use it as an open-top car.
・Received the 2015 GOOD DESIGN Best 100 award.
・You can enjoy a safe and comfortable drive with ""SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY"".
・The ROADSTER takes premium unleaded gasoline.
Please use premium unleaded gasoline when refueling.
※Fuel efficiency and in-vehicle equipment may vary depending on the year and grade of the car.
※Image is for illustration purposes. Drinks and confectionery, USB cables, etc. are not sold or rented at offices. In addition, the color of the car body and the seat may differ depending on the office.

Images of interior and getting on ROADSTER

  • 360度アイコン

    Viewing points can be changed by dragging the cursor on the 3D pictures

    It has a refined interior like a sports car, so there is almost no luggage space. The roof can be opened manually so you can enjoy driving the open-top car.

  • The seat is designed to fit on your body for comfortable driving.

    There is no gasoline lever in the car. The fuel door opens by lightly pressing one side of the door when unlocking the car.

Seats layout, Luggage space

  • The height from the ground to luggage space is low, so you can store items easily. Also, you may be a little confused about the way of opening and closing the door because you can do so by pressing the button.

    Because the luggage space is small and the entrance to luggage space is also narrow, you can only store one small-size suitcase.

  • Because the luggage space is small and the entrance to luggage space is also narrow, you can only store one medium-size suitcase. ※ A medium-size suitcase may not be stored depending on its shape.

Equipments and Specifications of ROADSTER

  • The console box is small and you can only store small items such as coin purses.

  • There is only one small space in front of the console.

  • The roof (Softtop) is designed to be opened and closed manually.

  • There is almost no space except the luggage area, and the space between the driver's seat and the passenger seat.

  • The cup holder is stored between the driver's seat and the passenger seat. Please use it when stationary because it is difficult to take the drink from the holder.

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