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Do you provide child safety seat?

Please select the car you would like to hire, and tick on the child seat option on the detail confirmation screen.

Do we need to have a child seat in a rented car?

It is your legal responsibility to provide children below 6 years old with a child seat. (It is a must from newborn to 5 years old.) All car-rental companies on Tabirai offer child seats, so please select that option from 'Details' page and proceed to booking.

Please tell us about the variety of child-seats you offer.

There are three major types of child-seats, according to your child's growth stage:
(1) Baby seat (for infants) … Less than 10 kg, from newborn to about a year old
(2) Child seat (for toddlers)… 9 to less than 18 kg, from 1 to 4 years old
(3) Junior seat (for school-aged kids)... 15 to less than 36 kg, 4 to 10 years old

We are travelling with a child above 6 years old. Can we request for this service?

Yes, it is possible. The law requires all children under the age of 6 must use the correct child car seat when riding in a vehicle, but to ensure safety we recommend that all child passengers under the age of 10 be restrained in child restraint systems.

Some car models don't allow the installation of multiple child safety seats. Is there a possibility that I cannot rent such a car?

The use of seat belts on all passengers, and appropriate child restraint is the minimum safety requirement. However, sometimes having all child passengers use a child safety seat may make it impossible for all passengers to fit in the car. In such a case, please use as many child car seats as possible according to the situation.

Do I need to use a child safety seat during the transfer from the airport or train station to the car rental office?

The use of a child safety seat is not mandatory during the transfer.

Do I have to pay a fee?

It varies depending on the car rental company. Please refer to the option fee on your details confirmation page.

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