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Otsuka Station

Otsuka Station Otsuka Station

Otsuka Station

With Tabirai Rent-a-car, you can easily search and make reservations for rental cars around the stations from this page. Furthermore, you can use the service more economically by getting up to 50% discount.
When you make reservations for rental cars at Tabirai Rent-a-car, ETC, car navigation and insurance are all included! Taibirai supports your driving trip in Japan!
※ETC card is not included in the set.
※NOC (Non-Operation Charge) is not included. You can purchase this separately at the office.

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Otsuka StationList of car rental businesses

Telephone number
6min walk from JR Otsuka St.
  • 01/01~12/31 08:00~20:00
東京都豊島区北大塚1-20-7 スエヒロビル1F
Telephone number
3 minutes walking distance from North Exit of JR OHTSUKA Station,turning to left at Sugamo Police Station intersection.
  • 01/01~12/31 07:00~22:00
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