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※The information on this page as of year 2017. Information of 2018 will be updated in September.

Rent a car with a
Snow Tires,
Enjoy assured and safe
winter driving!

Compare and Reserve rental cars
with snow tiress equipped at Tabirai Car Rental.

What are ‘Snow Tires?’

Snow Tires

※If you do not take anti-slipping precautions, such as Snow Tires on snowy/frozen roads, it is a violation of Japanese laws and regulations.

Snow Tires are special tires developed to run safely on icy and snowy roads. When driving a car in the winter, it’s important to pay attention to slippery roads due to snow, even in the mountains and in the city. When using a rental car in winter, please choose a car equipped with Snow Tires.

With Tabirai Car Rental Reservation, you can select a plan with Snow Tires included, and also a plan with an option for Snow Tires when making a reservation.

Rent a car with a Snow Tires,Enjoy assured and safe winter driving!

Introduction of the best cars for snowy roads

A 4WD(four-wheel drive)car fitted with Snow Tires is best for snowy roads.

What is 4WD?

4WD is a car that uses all four wheels while driving. Because all four tires are used, it increases traction and achieves a higher running performance. It is suitable for running on rough roads, such as on snow. You should have no problems if you are equipped with Snow Tires even using a 2WD vehicle. But with 4WD, it is possible to travel even more steadily on snowy roads.

Examples of recommended 4WD cars by class offered by Tabirai Car Rental

Compact car(~5)

Example: Fit
A standard Fit has safe 4WD!
As a familiar car, you can enjoy a great sense of security and stability


X-TRAIL(Hokkaido · Akita limited)
Example: X-TRAIL
(Hokkaido · Akita limited)
Equipped with a control function that can
reduce side slipping on slippery roads and
going around corners


Alphard(Hokkaido only)
Example: Alphard
(Hokkaido only)
Smooth traveling with a vibration reducing system of the automobile creates a comfortable space all the way to the back seat.Excellent stability of automobile travelling was come to realization!
Travelling by car creates no fatigue or worries even in snowy Hokkaido area.

Please note that there is a possibility this vehicle type may be out of stock· handling depends on region and period.
With Tabirai Car Rental reservations, we also have many other 4WD models.

Regions and time periods where Snow Tires are required

As a general guideline, Snow Tires are required roughly from December to April of the following year.
During that period, Snow Tires are indispensable for areas with heavy snow such as Hokkaido, Tohoku, Koshinetsu, and Hokuriku. Regarding other areas, if there is a possibility of snow while traveling, it is the safest option to reserve a car equipped with Snow Tires in advance.
Even in Kyushu, it may be necessary in the mountainous areas of Oita and Kumamoto, although it depends on each prefecture and time period.
Need will also fluctuate depending on snow cover and conditions. Please check the weather forecast on the day of travel.

Tabirai Car Rental Reservation Winter snow tire Standard Equipment Region/Period

For Tabirai Car Rental Reservations, it is possible to reserve a rental car with Snow Tires as the standard option in the following regions/time periods.

・Hokkaido2019/11/1~2020/5/6Look for a car rental in Hokkaido >
・Tohoku2019/12/1~2020/4/30Look for a car rental in Tohoku >
・Koshinetsu2019/12/1~mid-April 2020Look for a car rental in Koshinetsu >
・Hokuriku2019/12/1~mid-April 2020Look for a car rental in Hokurik >

※Start of service defers depending on the rental car company.

Updated October 2019

Compare and Reserve rental cars in areas with snow tiress not originally equipped

Regarding areas with snow tiress not originally equipped, snow tires are not equipped as standard procedure. For this reason, if you want a rental car with snow tires, you need to search products as follows. In areas where snow tiress are not originally equipped, due to the limited number of plans in which snow tiress are selectable, please check if the word "snow tiress" is included or not, then make the reservation.

In case 1: If "Snow Tires" is displayed in the search results

STEP1Search in the desired period and area where you will rent a car

Search Procedure by Rental Period

STEP2In the search results, it is standard equipment when ‘Snow Tires’ are noted.

Procedure when Snow Tires is Displayed

STEP3Proceed to ‘Product Details’ and make a reservation

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Compare and Reserve rental cars
with snow tiress equipped at Tabirai Car Rental.

snow tire Q&A

We have summarized frequently asked questions about Snow Tires.

Is there something to be careful of when driving on a snowy road?

On snowy roads, even when equipped with Snow Tires, accidents can still occur due to slipping or ice burn(※).
For that reason, please drive safely at a lower speed on snowy roads. Other cars will also run at a lower speed than normal. Please ensure you leave enough time to return the rental car.

※What is Ice Burn?
Ice burn is when the road surface is frozen with snow or moisture. Even when equipped with Snow Tires, it is slippery and extremely dangerous. It is especially difficult to notice at night, so please drive carefully.

What should I do if I cannot see the ‘snow tire’ notation anywhere?

Basically, the car will be dispatched with normal tires.
If Snow Tires are absolutely necessary, please make a request to the car rental company using the steps below.
(Because it is a ‘request,’ Snow Tires cannot be guaranteed)

  • ①Book your desired rental car
  • ②Log in to the ‘Reservation Information Box’ from the reservation completion mail sent after making a reservation
  • ③Use the message function and request Snow Tires from the car rental company
    After that, you will receive a response from the car rental company about whether they can prepare Snow Tires.
Do I need to pay an additional charge for a rental car with snow tires?

There are two cases. One is without an additional charge, the other with an additional charge. In snowy areas such as Hokkaido and Tohoku, almost all rental cars need to be equipped with snow tires and you do not have to pay additional charge.
However, in Kyushu, rental cars do not have to be equipped with snow tires However, there are a small number of cars with snow tires because it snows in some places within the region. If you book a rental car with snow tires, you are likely to pay an additional charge.

So before booking a rental car, you should confirm whether there is an additional charge or not.