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Kumejima Airport

久米島空港の外観写真 久米島空港の外観写真2

Kumejima sightseeing guide

Kumejima is located at approximately 100km west from Okinawa Honto (main island). Kumejima is the fifth largest island in Kyushu prefecture. The number of tourists is slightly low since this island is not well known compared with Ishigakijima etc. This island is an ideal spot for those who want to spend time calmly.
Although this is not a very large island, it is recommended to use a rental car if you want to travel wisely by spending time efficiently.

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In Kumejima airpor arrival lobby
  • 01/01~12/31 08:00~19:00
Telephone number
Counter in kumejima airport
  • 01/01~12/31 08:00~19:00

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