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Company InformationSpecially selected information on car rental companies in Okinawa

On this page, you will find information on car rental companies affiliated with Tabirai Okinawa Car Rental Reservations. Each company’s characteristics, branch information, addresses, telephone numbers and maps, etc. can be looked up.

ThriftyJapan-wide Network
Thrifty is one of the largest car rental companies in the world, operating as a subsidiary of The Hertz Corporation (Florida, USA). Being founded in 1958, around 4000 branch offices consisting of both direct management and franchise branch offices, are in business together with the group company Dollar Rent A Car. Thrifty is widely known for its reasonable offers of rental cars for business and leisure purposes.
ORIX Rent a CarJapan-wide Network
The ORIX Group Network works thoroughly to provide the highest quality rental cars to our customers. And in the unlikely event of an accident, our insurance has you covered.
NISSAN Rent a CarJapan-wide Network
Our goal is to enrich people's lives by our car rental service and to provide rental cars that are clean, convenient and Anshin (peace of mind). We support our customers' drive by the Nissan Motor Group network.
Times Car RENTALJapan-wide Network
At Times Car RENTAL we offer our customers security and peace of mind, built on the three pillars of a bright welcome, safe vehicles, and clean outlets.
TOYOTA Rent a CarJapan-wide Network
Choose from a wide selection of compact to large cars. We also offer many hybrid models, providing an eco-friendly plan for our customers.
NIPPON Rent a CarJapan-wide Network
NIPPON Rent a Car is ready to meet the needs of all our customers with over 800 locations nationwide and a network of 40,000 vehicles. With a large selection of hybrid cars, we are proactively working on environmental preservation.
Budget Rent a CarJapan-wide Network
Budget Rent a Car offers a variety of services to make your rent a car journey fun and meaningful, such as different location pickup and drop-off service, free ETC card use and more.
Jnet Rent a CarJapan-wide Network
Jnet Rent a Car group is incorporating eco-drive 10, and is working to reduce CO2 emissions across the group.
Luft Travel Rent a carRegional Specialization
Located just one minute from expressway interchanges. We have the closest location to the expressway in Okinawa. We also offer baby seats to meet the needs of those travelling with young children.
Fuji Rent-a-CarRegional Specialization
Roadside Assistance can be provided to you 24 hours a day! Our staff will support you for a carefree and safe driving journey.
Futaba Rent a CarRegional Specialization
With an adjoining repair shop, we are confident that car maintenance is done everyday!

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