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  • picture around Niigata Station Niigata Station

    The hub station of Niigata City

    Niigata Station is a hub station of Niigata City in Niigata Prefecture. The Joetsu Shinkansen, the Shin'etsu Main Line, the Hakushin Line and The Echigo Line are available. In addition to Niigata citizens, most tourists visiting Niigata Prefecture use this Station.

    If you are planning to go sightseeing in Niigata City, it is ideal to use a rental car in order to travel to various tourist attractions. There is a car rental service office on the 3rd floor of the CoCoLo South Building located to the east from the south exit of the station.

    A drive on the Bandai Bridge over the Shinano River is recommended if you are visiting Niigata City. Bandai Bridge is known as the symbol of Niigata. Bandai Bridge is located along National Route 7 and is about 4 minutes from the intersection. Drive south from Niigata Station along prefectural road 33 → the intersection of Higashi-Odori (road) and National Route 7 → enter National route 7. You will find the Niigata Marinepia Nihonkai (City Aquarium) and the Nishi-Kaigan Park if you keep driving toward the beach after crossing this bridge.

  • picture around Niigata Airport Niigata Airport

    The air gateway to Niigata provides substantial flights domestic and international

    Niigata Airport is a major airport for Niigata and provides domestic and international flights. This airport connects Niigata Prefecture to major cities including Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya and Fukuoka and also international flights including Seoul and Shanghai.

    From Niigata Airport to Niigata Station is about 25 minutes by limousine bus. It is recommended to rent a car at the airport if you are planning to go sightseeing. You may go to the Information Counter located near central plaza on the 1st floor in the airport to hire a rental car.
    Each car rental company will provide courtesy service to their service office location.

    Tsukioka Onsen is a very popular tourist attraction located near Niigata Airport. This hot spring is known as “the onsen to make you more beautiful”. Annually, Tsukioka Onsen is visited by 650,000 tourists. Tsukioka Onsen is about 36 minutes from the airport via National Route 113 → Shin-Shin Bypass → prefectural road 46 → prefectural road 300.

  • picture around Nagaoka Station Nagaoka Station

    The primary station for Nagaoka City -- the village of fireflies

    Nagaoka Station is a major station for Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. The Joetsu Shinkansen and the Shin'etsu Main Line are available. The surrounding area of the Ote Exit of the station is the downtown of Nagasaki City. There are many commercial facilities.

    Since railways are limited around Nagaoka Station, rental cars are a must-have for sightseeing. There are car rental service offices in various locations including next to the stairs at the east exit of the station, near the rotary and near the west exit of the station. It is highly recommended to rent a car near the station for your tourism.

    The Hotarunosato (village of fireflies) is in Nagaoka City. This is a park chosen as one of the Furusato Ikimono-no-Sato 100 (Hometown village for creatures). Nagaoka City is aiming to develop the city for human and firefly coexistence. Many tourists visit this city in early summer which is firefly season. The Hotarunosato is about 32 minutes by car from Nagaoka Station via National Route 351 and 404.