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  • picture around Hanamaki Airport Hanamaki Airport

    The airport located in the heart of tourist resorts in Hanamaki City

    Hanamaki Airport is a major air gateway to Iwate Prefecture located in Hanamaki City. This airport is also familiarized with the nickname "Iwate Hanamaki Airport". The connecting flights from Iwate to Sapporo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya are regularly operated at this airport.

    A rental car is a must-have for travelling inside the city of Hanamaki smoothly. There is a Car Rental Counter at the exit of the arrival lobby on the 1st floor in Hanamaki Airport. It is highly recommended to ask for a rental car at this counter.

    There are several tourist attractions related to Kenji Miyazawa in Hanamaki City. You can go to the Kenji no Gakko (Kenji's School) and the Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Museum in about 8 to 10 minutes by car on prefectural road 286 from this airport. The Hanamaki Onsen (hot spring) is about 15 minutes from the airport by car on prefectural road 37. There are a lot of tourist attractions available in a relatively short period of time.

  • picture around Morioka Station Morioka Station

    A convenient station located in the heart of Morioka City

    Morioka Station is located in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. Tohoku Shinkansen and JR local trains and the IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway Line are available at this station. There are plenty of hotels on the east side and there are commercial facilities on the west side of this station. This is a convenient station for everyone including tourists.

    There are tourist attractions nearby Morioka Station that you can go to on foot. However, it is ideal to have a rental car when you go sightseeing around the famous sights such as the Iwate Park (Morioka castle site Park) and Lake Gando. There are several car rental service offices in various locations near Morioka Station including the one next to the police station on the 1st floor at the downstairs of the exit of the Shinkansen South ticket gate.

    One of the very popular tourist attractions of Morioka City is Tsunagi Onsen (hot spring). The Tsunagi Onsen is located about 10 minutes by car from the Morioka Interchange. There is a legend which says this hot spring was discovered by "Minamoto no Yoshiie" in the Heian era. The Morioka Handi-Works Square and the Koiwai Farm are in the neighborhood. You can enjoy all together in this area.

  • picture around Ichinoseki Station Ichinoseki Station

    Castle town atmosphere still remains around the Ichinoseki

    Ichinoseki Station is a major train station in Ichinoseki City Morioka Prefecture. This station is well-known as a castle town which is rich in the emotions of the Edo period, including Bukeyashiki (old Samurai residences) of the Edo period. Three railways of Tohoku Shinkansen, Tohoku Main Line and Ofunato Line are available.

    There are many tourist attractions within walking distance around Ichinoseki Station such as the Tsuriyama Park and the Former Numata Family Samurai Residence. However, travel by rental car is ideal if you wish to visit as many sights as possible within a limited period of time. There is a car rental service office located on the 1st floor in Ichinoseki Station and there are others as well within walking distance of the West Exit of the station.

    If you are planning to travel around Ichinoseki Station for tourist attractions by rental car, recommended sights are the "Oigen Foundry" about 15 minutes from the Tohoku Expressway Mizusawa interchange, the "Ichinoseki Onsen kyo (hot spring village)" about 5 minutes from the Ichinoseki Interchange and the "Chuson-ji (Temple)" about 5 minutes from Hiraizumimaesawa Interchange etc. Those travelling with family may enjoy the Iwate Safari Park about 45 minutes drive from the Ichinoseki Interchange.