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 Luft Travel Rent a car Insurance and CDW

Luft Travel Rent a carRegional Specialization
Located just one minute from expressway interchanges. We have the closest location to the expressway in Okinawa. We also offer baby seats to meet the needs of those travelling with young children.

*The details of insurance coverage are subject to change without advanced notice.
 For details about insurance coverage please contact the individual car rental companies.

*The English page for the insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) are for reference purposes only.
 If there happen to be discrepancies or contradictions between the Japanese and English versions, the Japanese version will be considered correct.
 Please be advised that misunderstandings as a result of the translations will not make Pam LLC or the rental car companies liable under any circumstances.

Insurance coverage/Luft Travel Rent a Car

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

If you opt for this coverage, the following applicable accidents will not require payment of the insurance coverage deductible.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) fee 1,620 (tax included price)/day
  • Tabirai Okinawa plans all include the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) fee

Amount covered by insurance

Our company's vehicles are covered for the insurance amounts within the following bounds.

Car type(Mini vehicle, Compact/Mid-sized/Large vehicles,Station wagon)

*Please slide the scroll bar

Bodily injury liability Per person Per accident: unlimited (50,000 yen deductible)
Property compensation Per accident Per accident: unlimited (50,000 yen deductible)
Vehicle compensation Per accident Current value
Personal injury Per person Up to 30,000,000 yen(※1)

Passengers who are injured (including death and long term disability) as a result of an accident will be covered regardless of the vehicle operator's fault in the accident.
(Maximum amount of 30,000,000 yen: the confirmation of damages is based on the insurance contract and carried out by the insurance company.)

  • Exceptions as stated in the insurance contract are not covered and insurance money will not be paid for such accidents.
  • In the absence of a police report, the insurance money may not be paid.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is a sum of money paid by the customer in order to receive insurance money for bodily injury liability/property coverage.

Non-operation charge(N・O・C)

In the event of an accident that causes damage to a vehicle, the business's lost time due to maintenance will be charged according to the severity of the damage, as per the following, regardless of the time it takes to repair the vehicle.

Vehicle can propel itself back to be returned to the rental shop (vehicle is able to drive) 20,000 yen
Vehicle cannot propel itself back to be returned to the rental shop (vehicle is unfit to drive) 50,000 yen

Cases where coverage is invalidated

Accidents that occur while driving in ways such as the following or in situations such as those that follow are not covered.

  • An accident caused by speeding and there is evidence of violating the speed limit.
  • A police report is not submitted at the scene of the accident (a police accident report can not be obtained)
  • An out of court settlement is reached among the involved parties
  • The rental agency is not contacted from the scene of the accident
  • An accident caused by overtaking in a no-overtaking lane.
  • An accident caused by ignoring a traffic light.
  • Damage to the luggage compartment of a truck or accessory parts of a special-purpose vehicle.
  • An accident caused by ignoring a stop sign.
  • An accident caused by making an illegal right turn or U-turn.
  • An accident caused by the driver's use of mobile phone while driving.
  • Letting the battery run flat.