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 Jnet  Rent a Car Insurance and CDW

Jnet Rent a CarJapan-wide Network
Jnet Rent a Car group is incorporating eco-drive 10, and is working to reduce CO2 emissions across the group.

*The details of insurance coverage are subject to change without advanced notice.
 For details about insurance coverage please contact the individual car rental companies.

*The English page for the insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) are for reference purposes only.
 If there happen to be discrepancies or contradictions between the Japanese and English versions, the Japanese version will be considered correct.
 Please be advised that misunderstandings as a result of the translations will not make Pam LLC or the rental car companies liable under any circumstances.

Insurance coverage/Jnet Rent a Car

Basic coverage included in the rental fee

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Bodily injury liability Maximum amount per person Unlimited
Property compensation Maximum amount per accident Unlimited (50,000 yen deductible)
Vehicle compensation Maximum amount per accident Current value
50,000 yen deductible (J,M,V class, T1-T3 class)
100,000 yen deductible (A,M class, T4 class and higher)
Personal injury protection Maximum amount per person 30,000,000 yen (for persons up to the capacity of the vehicle)
*To apply to personal injury compensation, a police injury report and a formal treatment reccomendation according to a doctor is necessary.

Situations in which insurance/compensation policies will be invalid:

If an accident occurs in any of the following ways, all damages will be charged to the customer.

  • When the customer fails to report the accident to both the police and the car rental company
  • When the accident is caused by a driver that was not registered as the main or sub-driver on the contract
  • When the customer exceed the rental time without permission and get into an accident.
  • Other cases when the customer violates the rental terms
  • Accidents caused by drunk driving or unlicensed driving
  • When the customer makes private settlements with another party without permission from J-Net Rental Car
  • Damages caused by theft
  • Accidents caused by over-capacity
  • When the customer drives on unpaved/unmaintained roads such as on a beach, in a riverbed, or in forests
  • Damages and corrosion caused by inappropriate usage
  • When the customer uses the vehicle for various test competitions or uses it to pull/push other cars
  • When the customer gets into an accident with a car that they own/use/manage
  • When the customer damages the car rental or the store sign in the office
  • When the car malfunctions due to inappropriate control
  • When the customer damages/loses the interior of the vehicle (excluding damage from accidents)
  • When the customer damages the car using tire chains or ski carriers
  • When the customer loses a tire or hubcap
  • Accident caused by a serious traffic violation
  • When the customer doesn't wear a seatbelt
  • Damages and accidents caused by inappropriate management of the car
  • Other accidents caused by reasons applicable to disclaimers listed in the car rental terms and conditions of J-Net Rental Car

Peace of Mind coverage (Collision Damage Waiver (CDW))

  • Tabirai Car Rental Plans all include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance fees.

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Plan name Vehicle class Area classification Cost (before tax)
Peace of Mind coverage J,W,V,T1~T3 Jnet Rent a Car Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu (excluding Sky Rent a Car joint establishments) 1,000 yen
Sky Rent a Car Hokkaido 1,200 yen
Sky Rent a Car Kyushu 1,300 yen
Jnet Rent a Car, Sky Rent a Car Okinawa 1,500 yen
A,M,T4 or higher Nationwide 2,000 yen
Peace of Mind coverage (Wide) J,W,V,T1~T3 Nationwide 2,000 yen
A,M,T4 or higher Nationwide 3,000 yen
  • For a rental between 15 days and one month, the price is the calculated as if it were only for a 15 day period, but the full contract duration is covered
  • An optional dry van falls within vehicle compensation coverage, but not within the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage. (The parts of the vehicle excluding the storage space are covered by Peace of Mind coverage.)
  • The deductible for property/vehicle compensation is not covered, so the customer is responsible for paying it.

What is a non-operation charge?

In the event that a customer is involved in an accident that necessitates vehicle repairs, a fee will be charged to the customer to compensate the business for lost time during the duration of the repairs.
*Even with Peace of Mind coverage, the non-operation charge must still be paid by the customer.

Road service details

For all plans, the damage insurance road services (wrecker towing, transport etc.) will be covered.
*There is a maximum distance within which this applies