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 AVIS Rent a Car  Insurance and CDW

AVIS Rent a Car Japan-wide Network
AVIS Rent-a-car is a car rental company which was founded in 1946 in the U.S.A. It is a car rental brand of the biggest scale in the world with approximately 5,500 branch offices in 170 countries and regions. From April 2018, AVIS Rent-a-car has been in business in Japan, co-branding with Budget Rent-a-car, a company of the same group.

※Contents of Insurance/Compensation System are subject to change without notice. Regarding details of Insurance/Compensation System, please inquire directly to each rent-a-car company.

AVIS Rent-a-car Insurance

Compensation System

In order for you to enjoy driving safely, AVIS Rent-a-car is offering Safety Compensation System./p>

Compensation amount

Bodily Injury Unlimited (including Automobile Liability Insurance up to 30,000,000 yen)
Property Damage Amount limit per accident Unlimited(Deductible amount: 50,000 yen)
(except for agent offices on remote islands, etc.)
Car Damage Amount limit per accident Up to the actual value (Deductible amount: 50,000 yen)
※For cars above JE class, mini vans above WA class, wagon cars, micro buses, trucks with special body installations (Deductible amount: 100,000 yen)
Compensation for Physical Disability Per person 30,000,000 yen
※It is not covered even if Exclusion of Liability Compensation System is purchased.
※Even if the car is driveable, if it cannot be returned to the branch office (left on roads, etc.), payment of 50,000 yen is necessary.

※In some branch offices (including agent offices), Physical Disability Compensation System for car passengers might be applied. In the event of a car accident, car theft, car breakdown or stains/damage to the car, if the car needs to be repaired and/or cleaned, the fees below will be charged as compensation for business interruption regardless of the degree of damage or the amount of period. (Please note that this is separate from Exclusion of Liability Compensation System)

Driven back to the scheduled shop 20,000 yen
Not driven back to the scheduled shop 50,000 yen (Towing fee is paid by the customer)

Cases that are not covered by insurance
Regarding cases that are not covered by insurance below, all the costs of damage and repair will be paid by the customer. In these cases, the Safety Compensation System and Exclusion of Liability Compensation System including in the rental fee will not be applied.

  • When the degree of damage surpasses the compensation limit
  • Accidents occurring when the rental car was driven by another driver (driver who is not reported to our company)
  • In case of extending rental period without permission, driving under the influence of alcohol, sublease of rental car, etc.
  • When the accident is not reported to the branch office and the police
  • When an unauthorized business arrangement was made without our company's permission
  • Other accidents listed as disclaimer in the insurance agreement
  • Accidents occurring during usage in violation of clauses in the rental agreement
  • In case of flat tyre or tyre damage, key locked inside car, loss of car key or hubcaps, damage caused by installing a tire chain or carrier, stains inside the car, damage caused by flying stones, loss of car equipment, rental car was stolen when you parked it with the key left in the key hole, etc.

※Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) are not allowed to ride in the car. In case any trouble is caused to the car, cleaning fees will be paid by the customer.

  • For all plans of Tabirai Okinawa, Exclusion of Liability Compensation System fee is included in the rental fees.
    ※This is not insurance.