Accidents and scratches
of rental cars
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Accidents can occur not only when you are driving your own car, but also when driving a rental car as you are not familiar with the vehicle. You may be worried about its width and speed, which are also different from usual.
Although it is best that no accident occurs, in case of emergency, let's understand in detail how to deal with the accident and insurance coverage.

What happens if an accident occurs while driving a rental car

  • ①Medical relief of injured people
  • ②Report to police
    (Call 110)
  • ③Contact the accident
    reception center
    of car rentals

① Medical relief of injured people

If an accident occurs, you first provide medical relief for the injured people. Ask for an ambulance if necessary. At that time, please move your rental car to a safe place that is not in the way of traffic.

② Report to police (Call 110)

Contact the police on the spot. Even small wounds will be treated as an accident. If you do not call the police, the accident will not be covered by insurance. The insurance requires an accident report issued by the police, so please call the police even if the other party does not want that or wants to settle out of court. In addition, even in the case of a single car accident, insurance may compensate for the repair cost. Regardless of whether there is another party or not, please call when an accident occurs.

③ Contact the accident reception center of car rentals

After calling the police, please call the office which you rented from, or the accident reception center of the car rental. Staff will tell you the contact information, or materials are provided when you rent a car. If you do not call, it will be not covered by insurance. So, please be careful.

Contact Information when an accident occurs
Contact Information when an accident occurs
Car Rental Company Contact Number
ORIX Rent a Car We offer three-way calls with interpreters. We tell you about it during the procedure for departure.
NISSAN Rent a Car “Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance” Accident Report Center (Toll free: 0120-256-110)
Times Car RENTAL The contact number is listed on the Rental Guide given to you when you picked up the vehicle.
TOYOTA Rent a Car Pick-up shop or Reservation Service Center(08:00-20:00) : 0800-7000-815
NIPPON Rent a Car Accident Reception Center (0120-220-865)
General Ph:018-888-9194 (international call:81-188889194)
Budget Rent a Car Accident Reception Center (0120-054-550) or Reservation Service Center (0570-054-317)
※For other car rental companies, please check when you rent a car.

Just in case, go to the hospital and get a doctor's diagnosis.

You should go to the hospital if you are injured or in bad health, or even if you do not have pain or are not in bad health, because sometimes you may not show signs (pain and bad health). Even if you think that you are okay at that time, you may have an aftereffect. If you go to the hospital later, it may not be covered by insurance, so we recommend that you have a medical check as soon as possible.

The money that you have to pay in a rental car accident and insurance compensation

Money you need to pay, OR money you don't have to pay

In the case of major car rental companies, the car rental fee includes basic insurance such as automobile insurance and compulsory automobile liability insurance. Therefore, even if an accident occurs in a rental car, the amount of compensation will be paid from the insurance company.
However, in the amount of compensation, you have to pay it in part. This is called "a deductible cost". So you have to pay a deductible cost.
Also, if a rental car gets damaged, the car rental company will send it for repair. While it is being repaired, it cannot operate, so you will have to pay for it as a "compensation fee for business interruption. This compensation fee is called "NOC (Non Operation Charge)".

Explanation of compensation for insurance・disclaimer compensation

You can exempt the deductible cost and the "NOC (Non Operation Charge)" that you must pay if you make an insurance contract with a car rental company, separately from the basic rate.

Basic insurance of car rental companies

The rental rate for a rental car already includes the basic insurance of each car rental company. The insurance covers personal injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection, and vehicle insurance within the compensation limit, which the insurance company defines. Its contents differ depending on the car rental company.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is a compensation system where you can be exempted from a deductible cost that must be paid even if you have basic insurance. The deductible cost varies depending on the size of the vehicle, but if you do not apply for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), you must pay the cost of up to 150,000 yen. Applying for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is not mandatory, but it is said that about 80% of rental car users apply for it. The cost of Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is from about 1,080 yen to 2,160 yen a day, but just in case, we recommend that you apply for it.

  • * For rental cars that are reserved in Tabirai Car Rental, " Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)" is included in all plans. Therefore, it is safe because any deductible costs are not charged.

NOC (Non Operation Charge/ Fee for business interruption) Support

The NOC Compensation System is where you can be exempted from fees that compensate for loss of use the business during the repair of rental cars. The NOC varies depending on the car rental company, but it is necessary to pay 20,000 yen if the car can run or 50,000 yen if the car cannot run. Even if you apply for the basic insurance and Collision Damage Waiver, you will need to pay it. So if you want to be exempted, you need to apply for a unique support system defined by the car rental company.

Cases which are not covered by insurance

There are some cases which are not covered by insurance even if you have applied for basic insurance, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), and the NOC Compensation System. Please read the following points carefully.

・In the case of an accident where a driver does not call the police or car rental office
・In the case of an accident where a driver does not report or follow procedure at the accident reception center
・In the case of an accident, where a driver does not have driving license or does not meet requirements
・In the case of an accident, where driver is drunk
・In addition, in the case of an accident, where it violates the rental agreement set by each car rental company

Please be careful because each car rental company has its own regulations.

Rental car accident information that you should know

Check the car carefully for scratches before renting

Sometimes a problem occurs when returning the car if the customer is asked for the repair cost of the scratches that they don’t remember. Basically when you rent a car, you and a staff member will check the scratches at the departure office. However, small scratches may not be noticed. You should check for scratches in the lower part of the bumper, so you need to touch it or to bend down to find them.
Just in case, take a photo of your rental car before you leave. Also, if you notice even a small scratch, ask the staff to take notes. By carefully checking for scratches before renting, you can avoid unnecessary problems when returning. During the rental period, use the rental car responsibly.

The flow of paying the burden cost incurred in the accident

The way of charging for incurred expenses when an accident occurs varies depending on the car rental company, but basically there are the following two ways.
① After returning the rental car, a repair estimate will be made by the car rental company, and the company will contact you as soon as it is decided what the burden cost is.
② You will be first charged for a deductible cost and NOC fee, and you will be refunded for the repair cost if there is a difference in the amount.
Depending on the situation and condition of the accident, you may be charged differently from information the above. Check the details with the car rental company when accident occurs or when you return the rental car.

  • * Will I be charged the cost of repairing a scratch, which is found after I return the car?
    If there was no damage when you returned it and both yourself and a staff member checked for scratches, you are not charged. However, if it is clear that there is a scratch which occurred during use, you may be charged. In that case, it is necessary to discuss the damage with the staff to agree an outcome.

Q & A about accident, damage, and trouble of car rentals

What if I don't know that there is a scratch on my rental car?

There may be the following two patterns considered in the case that you did not know that there is a scratch in your rental car.
① There was a scratch, but you did not notice it when checking.
② An accident occurred, such as a in a parking lot, but you were not with the vehicle.

In either case ① or ②, you may be obliged to pay because there was not a scratch when you rented the car. As for ①, it is possible to avoid the issue by carefully checking for scratches with the staff when leaving the car rental. As for ②, you will be responsible as the driver, because you rented the car. Since you have to check it, please pay when charged. But, if you really don't remember or agree with it, it's important to talk with your car rental company.

Is it necessary to deal with an accident or contact even if it is a small scratch?

You need to deal with the accident no matter how small a scratch when you have an accident. Depending on the car rental company, the car with even minor scratches may be sent for repair. At that time, if you did not deal with the accident, the repair fee will be charged to the customer, because it is not covered by insurance. It's not good to hide a small scratch or repair it yourself.

What is the responsibility if you have a rental car accident?

If you have an accident, you may be charged with ① Criminal responsibility, ② Administrative responsibility, ③ Civil liability, respectively.
In case of injury or death in an accident, you will have the criminal responsibility. If you have a traffic accident or a violation, you will have administrative responsibility. If you need repair of the car due to the accident, you will have civil liability to pay money for the repair cost.

What if a parking violation ticket is attached on a rental car while using it?

If a parking violation ticket is attached on a rental car while using it, please follow the steps below.

① Report to the police
② Follow the procedure and pay penalty
③ Submit necessary documents to the car rental company
With documents received by the police, such as payment notices and receipts with receipt stamps

  • * If I did not report to the police?
    You will be charged for compensation from the car rental company when you return the rental car. After that, you have to report to the police and pay a penalty. If you submit the documents, which you received at the police station, to the car rental company, the compensation will be refunded.
    * The car rental company will not pay a penalty fee instead. Please report to the police and pay a penalty.

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