TOYOTA Rent a Car

TOYOTA Rent a Car is a rental car chain affiliated by Japan's largest car manufacturer TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION.

There is a wide range of vehicles, from small TOYOTA cars to wagons. It also offers many HV (Hybrid) vehicles and proposes for eco-driving. In addition, you can drive safe and secure high-quality vehicles that have been checked at certified TOYOTA car maintenance factories, from light cars to small cars, including the popular TOYOTA car, such as PRIUS.

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With a sense of security due to the Toyota brand, it offers a wide range of cars, such as AQUA and PRIUS, and it has the large number of hybrid vehicles as the top class. With sales offices at major stations and airports across Japan, you can use the rental car as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Three reasons to book TOYOTA Rent a Car at Tabirai.

  • Reason 1

    The prices that are often displayed in the Tabirai website are "reliable price" that includes Collision Damage Waiver fees, car navigation systems, ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) in-vehicle devices (ETC cards are non-standard equipment), and consumption taxes.

  • Reason 2

    We strive to offer the lowest price range among TOYOTA Rent a Car.

  • Reason 3

    TOYOTA Rent a Car offers a wide range of rental cars from small cars to wagon or hybrid types as 【Car model designated】plans.

TOYOTA Rent a Car is recommended for people who…

Popular offices of TOYOTA Rent a Car

Telephone number
We will send you off to the car rental office once you done with the registeration at Shinchitose airport About 9min
  • 01/01~03/31 08:00~20:00
  • 04/01~06/30 08:00~23:00
  • 07/01~08/31 07:00~23:00
  • 09/01~10/31 08:00~23:00
  • 11/01~12/31 08:00~20:00
Telephone number
At the National Route 3 Kokusaisen Minamiguchi Intersection, go toward the airport. The shop will be on the right.
  • 01/01~12/31 08:00~20:00
Remarks column
[International flight customers]・Please select Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Shop as your pick-up shop when you make a reservation.A free shuttle is available to take you to the shop (approx. 3 min.).*The comprehensive rental car counter on the 1F of the airport acts as an information center for the free shuttle.
Telephone number
From the airport, 3-minute drive toward Mizobe Interchange.
  • 01/01~12/31 07:00~21:30

Frequently Asked Questions about TOYOTA Rent a Car

What is the cost of TOYOTA Rent a Car?

At the lowest prices, and rental car fees vary depending on the location, date, and car class. Please select your preferred car class according to the number of people inside the car and the way of using the car. In addition, for all TOYOTA Rent a Car rental cars, which are displayed in the Tabirai Car Rental Reservation,

Car Rental Fee Collision Damage Waiver Fees Car navigation ETC in-vehicle device Consumption Tax

are included. In order to ensure that customers use the rental car safely in the Tabirai Car Rental Reservation, we offer a product with a Collision Damage Waiver in case of an accident. Furthermore, cars are equipped with a navigation system that makes you feel at ease even in unfamiliar travel destinations.

Can I drop off the car (One Way) in TOYOTA Rent a Car?

Yes, you can. Furthermore, if the drop-off location is within the same prefecture, the drop-off fee will not be charged.

*Some areas might be charged in case of usage within Hokkaido

What is your policy on insurance and Collision Damage Waiver?

Tabirai often shows rates for all rental cars that include insurance and Collision Damage Waiver fee. However, it does not include Non-Operation Charges (NOC), so you can individually register for NOC compensation system at the rental car sales office. (Non-Operation Charge is the customer's voluntary subscription)

Click here for detailed information on insurance, Collision Damage Waiver, and Non-Operation Charges (NOC) >

What kind of car can I rent at TOYOTA Rent a Car?

Depending on the area and sales office, TOYOTA Rent a Car is available from small cars convenient for city driving to wagon types for a large number of people. If "〇〇 similar type " is displayed in a plan, you can not specify the car model. The car will be one of the eligible vehicles in your designated class and will be decided by the rental car company on the day of departure. Please make a reservation by selecting the plan described as 【Car model designated】.

What is the TOYOTA Rent a Carcancellation policy?

The number of days you can cancel your reservation without any TOYOTA Rent a Car cancellation fee, vary depending on the area. Specifically.

In addition, if you made a reservation of the rental car in Tabirai Car Rental Reservation, it is necessary to log in to "Reservation information box" and to perform the cancellation procedure. The reservation number and password are required to log in to "Reservation information box", so please enter the reservation number or confirmation email after making a reservation of the rental car.

Click here for "Reservation information box" >

What should I do if I am in an accident?

If you are in an accident,
· Medical relief of injured people
· Report to police( Call 110)
· Confirm the other party

After doing the above three, please contact the rental car sales office, which you rented from or left.

At TOYOTA Rent a Car, are all vehicles equipped with ETC in-vehicle devices and cards?

All vehicles of TOYOTA Rent a Car booked in Tabirai Car Rental Reservation are equipped with ETC in-vehicle device as standard. Although ETC cards are not standard equipment in TOYOTA Rent a Car, they are rented. You can apply by phone after making a reservation in Tabirai Car Rental, or apply directly on the day of rental.

※ There are a limited number of shops which lend ETC cards, and cards.

Look for TOYOTA Rent a Car Sales Office by prefecture.

We will introduce the TOYOTA Rent a Car sales office that is currently available in Tabirai Car Rental Reservation.
Please select the sales office name by the prefecture you are looking for.
TOYOTA Rent a CarYou can check the office name, address, phone number, business hours, etc. of each office.

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