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Nagoya Airport (Komaki)

The heart of Tokai region! Travel of Nagoya city!

The city where had been prospered since old days as the central city of Aichi prefecture and Tokai region is Nagoya. Even today, Nagoya is the central city of commercial, distribution and politics of this region. The city is also well known for having extraordinarily many tourism sites, including historical attractions such as Nagoya Castle and fascinating sightseeing locations such as Chuo-ku, Sakae or Osu etc. The city has easy access not only inside of the prefecture but also to the neighboring prefectures. In addition, there are plenty of accommodations, restaurants.

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Nagoya Airport (Komaki)List of car rental businesses

Telephone number
Go 500 meters west from Nagoya Airport Domestic Terminal. Across from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Grand.
  • 01/01~12/31 08:00~20:00

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