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If you use Tabirai Car Rental,
you can be assured that

  • English GPS
  • CDW
  • ETC equipment
  • consumption tax

will all be included in the price

  • Hokkaido4,000yen
  • Tokyo5,500yen
  • Okinawa2,550yen
  • ※For same-day returns

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  • ORIX Rent a Car
  • NISSAN Rent a Car
  • Times Car RENTAL
  • TOYOTA Rent a Car
  • NIPPON Rent a Car
  • Budget Rent a Car

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What is Tabirai Car Rental?

Tabirai Car Rental is a"car rental comparison/booking site"that allows you to search rental cars from major Japanese car rental companies all at once and book at a reasonable price.The price is an "assured price" that includes everything, not only car rental charges, but also CDW, car navigation system, ETC equipment (ETC card is not included), and consumption tax..For car rental charges, we work to provide the lowest price range from each listed company.Reservations are very easy with 3 steps: "search,” "enter customer information,” and "reservation completed.”At the user questionnaire after car rental use, 94% of customers answered high satisfaction.
When it comes to car rental comparison services, it's Tabirai Car Rental
Please make use of it to arrange a rental car for your destination.

User guide for Tabirai Car Rental reservation

For those who are renting a car for the first time

Car rental basic information ABC’s
that we think we know but actually don’t

To Car Rental Basic Information Guide
  • Class/Same class

    Class is a categorization of vehicles by category of displacement and size. We represent vehicles of the same class together as “same class.” For example, in the case of the notation "Fit same class", either the Fit itself or another vehicle of the same class as the Fit is arranged.

  • Gasoline full return

    Rental cars will be rented with gasoline filled fully. Therefore, when returning a car, it is necessary to refill the gasoline. When departing, please make sure that the gasoline is full, and at the time of return, please refill the gasoline and return it. When returning, please keep the receipt when refilling gasoline fully without throwing it away.

    Gasoline full return
  • Pickup

    If you arrange car rental at the airport, you will take a shuttle bus from the airport to the nearest car rental office except when you can rent a car and leave from the airport. In addition, if you choose a car rental office in the vicinity of a station, you generally have to move to the rental office by yourself.

  • High season/Low season

    You can rent a car at any time. Don’t you think so? Rental cars may be sold out on popular dates, such as summer holidays, year-end, and New Year’s holidays. When planning a trip, we recommend that you first reserve a rental car.

Three keywords for renting a car safely with a good deal

To Car Rental Basic Information Guide
  • Drop Off (One-Way)

    Drop Off is a service that allows you to return a rental car to another office from the departure office. If you select a return office that is different from the departure office in the search box at Tabirai Car Rental, you can search rental cars that you can drop off. Please note that the drop-off fee varies depending on each car rental company and region.

    Drop Off (One-Way)
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

    In the event of an accident, most costs incurred will be covered by insurance that you apply for automatically, but there are two types of expenses you will bear. One is the deductible (50,000 yen or 100,000 yen), and the other is the operating compensation cost (20,000 yen or 50,000 yen). If you apply for the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), you will not need to pay the deductibles. Normally, a cost of around \1000 per day is necessary, but at Tabirai Car Rental, the price includes the subscription fee to CDW.

    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Operating Compensation Cost (Non-Operation Charge: NOC)

    In the event of an accident, the cost to be paid by the user for "compensation for lost business" in the repair period of the rental car is the Non-Operation Charge (NOC). When the car is able to run by itself after the accident, the amount to pay will be 20,000 yen, but it will be 50,000 yen if it cannot run. Major rental car companies listed at Tabirai Car Rental have their own insurance that makes payment for the NOC unnecessary, which you can apply for at their car rental offices.


FAQ’s and other frequently requested information can be found here.

  • What is the procedure for cancelling or adjusting a reservation after confirmation?

    Please access the cancellation / reservation adjustment procedure from the “Reservation Info Box” on the upper right corner of the Top Page.
    > Reservation Info Box
    If you would like to change the day duration, the price will change, so it is necessary to cancel your initial reservation and make a new reservation.

  • How does insurance / compensation work with the rental cars?

    All products involved in any Tabirai Car Rental reservation are covered under the collision damage waiver (CDW) fee, which is included in the basic price. The compensation details differ depending on the car rental company, so please confirm this with the company.

  • What is included in the displayed price?

    Displayed price =
    rental fee + collision damage waiver (CDW) fee + car navigation system + ETC on-board device + consumer tax.
    The collision damage waiver (CDW) fee (about ¥1000 per day) which is often charged separately on other car rental websites is completely included in our fees, so please rest assured. Also, appliances to make your driving experience more convenient such as a car navigation system and a ETC on-board device are also standardly included.

  • How do I receive final confirmation after I’ve made a reservation?

    After submitting your reservation, you will receive an email describing the content of your reservation. Your reservation is confirmed at the time this email is sent.
    You can confirm your booking by logging into the system, with the booking number on your confirmation email and a password.> Reservation Info Box

  • What are the accepted payment methods?

    Payments are processed locally.
    You can pay in cash or by credit card at the car rental company’s office, on the day of departure.Many rental companies recommend credit card payment.Please confirm the details displayed under ‘important points’ on the “Details confirmation” page, after searching and selecting a rental car.

  • Will there be any additional charges besides the total amount shown?

    On the Tabirai car rental website, you will not be charged any extra fees since the price includes car rental, CDW, GPS, and VAT. Additional fees will be charged in the following cases.
    - Car rental company's own insurance (Optional insurance to waive NOC (Non-Operation Charge))
    →You can apply for it when you rent a car. Please contact the car rental office. If you would like to confirm the details in advance, please contact the car rental office directly.

    • - ETC card rental fee
    • - Gasoline cost
    • - Highway toll fees

  • Can I rent an ETC card?

    Some product detail pages have a description about‘ETC’ and allow you to arrange it through Tabirai car rental. Your ‘ETC’arrangement will be completed at the point of booking by choosing this item.
    If there is no ‘ETC’ description on the product details page of the Tabirai car rental website, please send a request either in English or Japanese using the message function on the reservation information box to contact the rental car company directly after making the reservation.


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