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  • picture around Wakayama Station Wakayama Station

    The hub station for Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture

    Wakayama Station is a hub station for Wakayama City in the prefectural capital of Wakayama. The Kisei Main Line, the Hanwa Line, the Wakayama Line and the Kishigawa Line are available. Wakayama station is distant from the Nankai Electric Railway's Wakayamashi Station.

    Although the surrounding areas of Wakayama Station are thriving as many commercial facilities, it is ideal to travel by rental car if you are planning to go sightseeing. There is a car rental service office located 30m toward the left from the Chuo-guchi exit.

    The Porto Europe is a theme park which is the duplicate of the port city in Medieval Europe. It is about 24 minutes drive from Wakayama Station to the southwest along Kokutai-doro (road). Additionally, the Spa Kishu Kuroshio and the Marina City Sea Fishing Park are located right next to the Porto Europe. The Spa Kishu Kuroshio is a hot spring formed 100 million years ago. This area is one of the popular sights in Wakayama.

  • picture around Wakayama City Wakayama City

    The prefectural capital of Wakayama

    Wakayama City is the prefectural capital of Wakayama. The atmosphere of the castle town still remains in the downtown area and you can feel the townscape of the Edo period.

    It is highly recommended to rent a car if you are planning to go sightseeing. The public transport in Wakayama City is very limited. There are several car rental service offices near Wakayama Station and near Wakayamashi Station.

    The Wakayama Castle is one of the popular tourist attractions in Wakayama City. A variety of items related to the Tokugawa Family are exhibited. It is a must-see especially for those who are history enthusiasts. The Wakayama Castle is about 11 minutes from Wakayama Station via Keyaki-dori (road) and prefectural road 138 and also it is 9 minutes from Wakayamashi Station via Chuo-dori (road) and National Route 24. The Momijidani Teien (garden) is a recommended destination if you are visiting in fall. It is located inside the Wakayama castle.

  • picture around Nanki-Shirahama Airport Nanki-Shirahama Airport

    The only airport in Wakayama Prefecture

    Nanki Shirahama Airport is the only airport in Wakayama Prefecture. This airport is built with a beautiful roof. Its shape is an image of Shirahama Beach. Many tourists visiting Nanki Shirahama or Mount Koya use this airport. There aren't many railways in the surrounding areas of Nanki–Shirahama Airport. Therefore, you will need a rental car in order to travel to various tourist destinations. There is a rent-a-car information counter at the arrival lobby located on the 1st floor of this airport. You may rent a car at this location.

    Nanki Shirahama IC is the closest Interchange from Nanki Shirahama Airport. Wakayama Station is about 1 hour and 20 minutes, Katsuura district is about 1 hour and 45 minutes and Mount Koya area is about 3 hours from the airport. The Adventure World is one of the popular tourist attractions near Nanki Shirahama Airport visited by many tourists. It is about 7 minutes drive from the airport along prefectural road 33.