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  • picture around Yonago Airport Yonago Airport

    The airport located on the border of Tottori and Shimane prefectures

    Yonago Airport is located near the border of Tottori prefecture and Shimane Prefecture. Yonago Airport is also known as "Yonago Kitaro Airport". Available regular flights are to/from Tokyo and Seoul. This airport provides easy access to railways as well because Yonago Airport Station is located near the airport.

    You may rent a car at the Car Rental Information counter located at the domestic arrival lobby on the 1st floor if you are planning to go sightseeing by rental car from Yonago Airport.

    Matsue Castle is a must-see when you visit Yonago. Matsue Castle is the only Tenshukaku (the central tower of a Japanese castle) in the San'in Region. Matsue Castle is about 40 minutes from Yonago Airport along National Route 431. Tamatsukuri Onsen is a famous hot spring in Shimane Prefecture and is about 50 minutes by car from the airport. It is also known as"Himegami-no-yu" (the goddess's hot spring) because this hot spring makes women's skin beautiful.

  • picture around Tottori Airport Tottori Airport

    The airport is located on a sand dune

    Tottori Airport is located in the sand dunes area surrounded by the Sea of Japan and the Koyama Pond. It is also known by its nickname "Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport".

    It is ideal to travel by rental car when you go sightseeing in Tottori City including The Tottori Sand Dunes. There is a Car Rental service counter near the arrival lobby on the 1st floor of Tottori Airport. It is recommended to make a reservation in advance because some car rental companies require a prior booking.

    The Aoya IC and the Tosu Nishi IC are the closest interchanges to Tottori Airport. The Tottori Sand Dunes is one of the popular tourist attractions in Tottori Prefecture. It is about 13 minutes from Tottori Airport via Tottori Bypass and San'indo (road). Uradome Coast is about 23 minutes from the airport via National Route 9 and prefectural road 325. It is a beautiful landscape referred to as the "San'in Matsushima".

  • picture around Tottori Station Tottori Station

    The starting point for Tottori City sightseeing

    Tottori Station is a primary station for Tottori City. The San'in Main Line and the Inbi Line are available. Many railways including the limited express and the rapid limited express trains start from this station. There are many hotels and shops around this station. It is the greatest downtown area in Tottori Prefecture.

    Although many railways are available, it is ideal to travel by rental car when you go sightseeing in Tottori City. There is a car rental service office under the railway overpass located 50m to the left from the south exit of the station.

    The Tottori Sand Dunes is a famous sightseeing spot in Tottori City. The Sand Museum-Tottori Sand Dunes is about 15 minutes from Tottori Station → to the northeast along prefectural road 43 → Tottori belt highway → Tottori Bypass. The Yoshioka Onsen has a history of 1000 years and is a popular hot spring. It is about 19 minutes from the station via prefectural road 21 and the farm road.