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Tokushima NISSAN Rent a Car

NISSAN Rent a CarJapan-wide Network
Our goal is to enrich people's lives by our car rental service and to provide rental cars that are clean, convenient and Anshin (peace of mind). We support our customers' drive by the Nissan Motor Group network.

Why do customers choose NISSAN Rent a Car?

Full compensation for various troubles.

Unexpected things can happen while travelling. Everyone wants to avoid a joyous journey becoming an unpleasant memory. This service is a great peace of mind. This plan is 540 yen per day and protects drivers from a variety of troubles that might happen while travelling. It is the "NISSAN Anshin Support Plan (NAS)". NISSAN Rent-a-Car will compensate up to 20,000 yen: (1) When you have flat tire(s), (2) When the battery dies, (3) When the key is locked inside of the vehicle. The closest JAF road service will arrive and provide support promptly. Therefore, you should be able to continue enjoying your travel.

Our belief in the motto of "Clean, Convenient and Anshin (Peace of Mind).

NISSAN Rent-a-Car staff members are always striving to meet the keywords "Clean, Convenient and Anshin (Peace of Mind)". The year 2013 was the 50th anniversary of NISSAN Rent-a-Car. And in 2013 there was a poster sending this message --- There may be some customers thinking this way, "If the vehicle is the same kind, it would be preferable to rent from the same company." But is it really the same rental car? --- Here are some examples. Our determination of "Clean" is that there are more than 23 steps of the car washing every day. Our "Convenient" defines the locations of our service offices and the smoothness of the process at the time of renting a vehicle. And for the "Anshin (Peace of Mind)", we are committed to performing inspections simultaneously throughout the country in addition to inspections every 6 months.

The various lineups of NISSAN brand vehicles and even Electric vehicles!

NISSAN Rent-a-Car offers a variety of the NISSAN brand popular models. MOCO, MARCH and CUBE for small cars, JUKE, X-TRAIL for SUV, SERENA for station wagon and many more. There are optional plans of smoking or non-smoking vehicles. Those who do not like the smell of cigarettes or smokers can choose each of their ideal plans. Electric vehicle "NISSAN LEAF" is recommended for travelling short distances around an urban area and it is expected to become popular. One of the advantages of rental cars is that you may test drive the vehicle. The ride of an electric vehicle is different from vehicles run by gasoline or hybrids. How about experiencing this new ride?

Periodic inspections and maintenance at the certified NISSAN factory.

It is a great advantage of NISSAN Rent-a-Car to have the ability to perform inspections and maintenance at the certified NISSAN Service Factory. NISSAN Rent-a-Car vehicles are checked thoroughly by professionals every 6 months. The inspections are for oil changes, batteries, tires and motor. The brake lamps and windshield washer fluid are checked every time the vehicle is rented, in addition to the periodic inspections. This service can be a great peace of mind especially for those who are not used to driving.

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