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  • picture around Tokushima Airport Tokushima Airport

    The air gateway to Tokushima is known by the popular nickname -- the Tokushima Awaodori Airport

    Tokushima Airport is an air gateway to Tokushima Prefecture and is also known by the nickname "Tokushima Awaodori Airport". This airport offers regular flights to/from Tokyo and Fukuoka. It is convenient to visit this airport for sightseeing because there are many round trip flights between Tokushima and Haneda airports.

    Naruto Station and Tokushima Station are near Tokushima accessible by limousine bus or local bus. You may rent a car at the car rental service office located on the 1st floor arrival lobby if you wish to go sightseeing more efficiently.

    The Naruto Strait area is via the Naruto IC from Tokushima Airport. The Tokushima City downtown is famous for the Awa Dance Festival. Also the Mt. Bizan areas are via the Tokushima IC from the airport.

  • picture around Tokushima Station Tokushima Station

    The primary station for Tokushima City is known for the Awa Dance

    Tokushima Station is a primary station for Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture. The Kotoku Line, the Mugi Line, the Tokushima Line and the Naruto Line are available. This station is visited by not only the citizens of Tokushima but also tourists. Tokushima Station is also known by the nickname "Awaodori-no-Eki" (Awa Dance Station).

    It is recommended to rent a car near Tokushima Station if you are planning to go sightseeing in Tokushima City. In addition to the one located on the right side in front of the station from the ticket gate, there are several car rental service offices along National Route 192.

    Mt. Bizan is a popular tourist attraction also known as a filming location. It is about 5 minutes from the station along National Route 348. The Tokushima Zoo is recommended for those who are travelling with family. It is about 22 minutes along National Route 92 via prefectural road 209.

  • picture around Tokushima City Tokushima City

    The capital of Tokushima Prefecture is famous for the Awa Dance

    Tokushima City is the capital of Tokushima Prefecture. This city is also known for the Awa Dance Festival which is held every year from August 12th to the 15th. Since Tokushima City's Awa Dance is famous worldwide, many tourists from all around the world visit this city.

    Tokushima City is one of the most thriving towns in Tokushima Prefecture. However, it is ideal to use a rental car if you are planning to go sightseeing to various locations. There are car rental service offices in various locations including at Tokushima Station and along National Route 192.

    Mt. Bizan is a landmark of Tokushima City and was a location for the movie "Bizan". It is about 5 minutes from Tokushima Station via National Route 438. You can go to the summit of Mt. Bizan by ropeway and enjoy views of Awaji Island and the Kii Peninsula in addition to the Tokushima City landscape.