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Departures from Tochigi Popular Car Rental Pick-up Spot Ranking

  • picture around Utsunomiya Station Utsunomiya Station

    The hub station in Utsunomiya City

    Utsunomiya Station is a hub station in Utsunomiya City. The Tohoku Main Line, the Nikko Line, the Tohoku Shinkansen, and the Akita Shinkansen are available. The surrounding area of this station is a thriving downtown and there are many commercial facilities lined up.

    Although this is a thriving railway station, you'll be able to travel to more tourist attractions if you use a rental car. There is a car rental service office 30m walk toward Tokyo from the west exit of Utsunomiya Station.

    The Oya History Museum - the Oya quarry Remains is about 30 minutes along the Oya Kaido road. This location is often used for shooting movies. Touring along Roadside Stations is also recommended. The roadside station Utsunomiya Romantic Mura (village) is located along National Route 119. There is a foot bath at the roadside station Kitsuregawa located along National Route 293.

  • picture around Nasushiobara Station Nasushiobara Station

    The entrance to the Shiobara Hot Springs Village

    Nasushiobara Station is an entrance to the Nasushiobara Hot Spring Village which is a famous hot spring resort town visited by many tourists. The Tohoku Shinkansen is available in addition to the Tohoku Main Line. Therefore, this station provides easy access from outside Tochigi Prefecture as well.

    Although there are courtesy services from Nasushiobara Station to accommodations, it is ideal to hire a rental car if you are planning to go to other tourist attractions. There is a car rental service office located on the 1st floor from the west exit and there are more in front of the station.

    The Nasu Animal Kingdom is a popular tourist attraction in the Nasushiobara Station area and is about 40 minutes drive by the expressway. The Nasu Rindoko LAKE VIEW is about 25 minutes north from the station along National Route 4. You can have a lot of fun at the The Nasu Rindoko LAKE VIEW including the ranch experience and strawberry picking.

  • picture around Oyama Station Oyama Station

    The station that has excellent access to Tokyo and inside Tochigi Prefecture

    Oyama Station is located in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture. The Tohoku Shinkansen, the Tohoku Main Line, the Mito Line and the Ryomo Line are available. Oyama Station is a very convenient train station to travel everywhere to the north, south, east and west. Since the Shonan–Shinjuku Line and the Ueno-Tokyo Line are also available, this station has excellent access from downtown Tokyo as well.

    Although there are plenty of railways available, it is also convenient to travel by rental car if you are planning to go to various tourist attractions in Tochigi Prefecture from Oyama Station. There is a car rental service office on the 2nd floor parking lot located toward the Utsunomiya direction from the west exit of Oyama Station.

    The Ashikaga Flower Park and the Ashikaga Gakko (Japan's oldest school) are about 45 minutes by car along National Route 50 west from Oyama Station. There are many tourist attractions including the Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine and the Irohazaka in the Nikko district. It is about an hour drive along the expressway from the station.