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ORIX Rent a CarJapan-wide Network
The ORIX Group Network works thoroughly to provide the highest quality rental cars to our customers. And in the unlikely event of an accident, our insurance has you covered.

Why do customers choose ORIX Rent a Car?

Our goal is to provide peace of mind as you drive.

While the criteria for examining cars for rental are set by law, at ORIX we have in place an even stricter examination process, checking everything from the engine to the tires, to smaller details such as scratches on the body etc. We make a point of providing the latest models, with most vehicles acquired within the previous two years.

Here at ORIX we offer a unique assurance package.

In the unlikely event of an accident, here at ORIX Rent a Car, our customers are not liable to pay the usual deductible fee, thanks to our compensation system; in addition to support from our unique assurance package (RAP) rendering the business compensation fee (approx.. \20,000-50,000) unnecessary. In addition to covering the cost of compensation in the case of an accident, the RAP system also covers repairs and tire change costs at the time of purchase. This package incurs an additional fee of \540 per 24 hours when travelling, but it is worth considering for the peace of mind it provides during your journey. You can register for this service when initially renting a car from one of our outlets.

Choose from our line up of various car manufacturers, including a plentiful selection of hybrid cars!

Here at ORIX Rent a Car, we are proud of our fine selection of cars of a broad range of Japanese car manufacturers. You are sure to find a car to suit your needs from our range of vehicles, including compact cars, standard cars, mini-vans, and environmentally friendly cars. With the current popularity of hybrid cars, we provide an ample selection, including the newest designs from the production lines. For those of you who want to make the most of your car rental, by testing out a new car as you travel, or for those of you who want to reduce costs with an eco-friendly hybrid, check out our various plans and options here at ORIX Rent a Car.

With our thorough in-company certification system, our staff is looking forward to serve you with the utmost hospitality!

Our staff is built on a shared goal to provide a high-quality service, making time for training to ensure a uniform service across all outlets. One example of this is the in-company certification system, where each member of staff’s level of customer service and various elements related to car rental are evaluated. Through examinations, staff can progress through the four stages of certification, 1Star, 2Stars, 3Stars, and finally My-Star. We hope that the service provided by us, will make you feel like you are about to embark on a great journey.

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