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Departures from Shiga Popular Car Rental Pick-up Spot Ranking

  • picture around Maibara Station Maibara Station

    The station overlooking Lake Biwa

    Maibara Station is a primary station for Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture. It is a convenient station by the Tokaido Shinkansen, the Tokaido Main Line, the Hokuriku Main Line and the Ohmi Railway Main Line. Many tourists from other prefectures use this station and start Shiga Prefecture tourism from this station.

    It is recommended to rent a car when you go sightseeing. There are several car rental service offices near Maibara Station. Most car rental service offices are relatively easy to find including the one located 70m toward the left from the west exit of the station and another one located near the rotary in front of the station.

    You can overlook Lake Biwa from Maibara Station. Okuibuki is about 50 minutes from Maibara Station and is a popular tourist destination in winter. It is the largest ski resort in the Kansai region.

  • picture around Otsu Station Otsu Station

    The station overlooking Japan's largest lake

    Otsu Station is available by the Tokaido Main Line (Biwako Line). The surrounding areas of this station are mostly government offices. However, this station is popular among tourists because there are several hotels that overlook Lake Biwa.

    Lake Biwa is a popular sightseeing spot located near Otsu Station. It is recommended to rent a car at the car rental service office located about 30m from the north exit of the station for a drive around Lake Biwa.

    You can enjoy beautiful night views in winter at the Otsu Port marina. Yachts and boats will be decorated with illuminations. It is about 5 minutes from Otsu Station. Enryaku-ji (temple) is also a popular tourist attraction in Otsu City. The entire area at 848m altitude on Mount Hiei is a precinct of Enryaku-ji. It is about 30 minutes via the Hieizan Driveway from the station.

  • picture around Kusatsu Station Kusatsu Station

    The primary station for Kusatsu City is near Lake Biwa

    Kusatsu Station is a primary station for Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture. The Tokaido Main Line and the Kusatsu Line are available. This station is located near Lake Biwa which is a popular tourist spot in Shiga Prefecture. Many tourists use Kusatsu Station as a base for their tourism.

    There are car rental service offices on both the west and east exits of Kusatsu Station. It is recommended to rent a car when you go sightseeing.

    The Biwako Quasi-National Park is about 50 minutes from Kusatsu Station via prefectural road 42 and Kogan Road. You can visit the Mizudori Park, the Shirahige Shrine and the Biwako Lakeside Golf Course from the Biwako Quasi-National Park by driving along the Lake Biwa shore. The Kusatsu Inn Headquarters, the Josho-ji (temple) and the Yabasekihanto Park are also popular tourist spots located near Kusatsu Station.