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Departures from Saitama Popular Car Rental Pick-up Spot Ranking

  • picture around Omiya Station Omiya Station

    The largest hub station in Saitama Prefecture

    Fourteen railways are available from Omiya Station including the Shinkansen and conventional lines. This station is the largest hub station in Saitama Prefecture. The average number of passengers per day is about 360,000 which includes many tourists going to the Tohoku and the Joetsu regions in addition to adult and student commuters.

    The area surrounding Omiya Station is a shopping district and is always prosperous. There aren't so many tourist attractions but it might be a good idea to rent a car in order to enjoy the townscape of Saitama City leisurely from Omiya Station. There is a car rental service office in the LUMINE 2 adjacent to Omiya Station.

    Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine and the Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore are about 10 minutes from Omiya Station along prefectural road 2.

  • picture around Kumagaya Station Kumagaya Station

    The primary station of Kumagaya City Saitama Prefecture

    Kumagaya Station is a primary station for Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture. The Joetsu Shinkansen, the Takasaki Line, and the Chichibu Main Line of the Chichibu Railway are available. Although route buses to each district are available from in front of the station, it is convenient to use a rental car for those who are travelling with families, friends or with a large group of people.

    There is a car rental service office located on the left from the north exit of Kumagaya Station and it is about a minute walk and there are more near the south exit and the main entrance. Even during busy tourism season, it is likely possible that you can rent a car from any of those locations.

    Lake Kanna and Sambaseki hot springs are about an hour and 13 minutes drive along National Route 140 and 462 from Kumagaya Station. The Nagatoro is a famous place of the Chichibu District and is about 46 minutes drive along prefectural road 81 and National Route 140.

  • picture around Kawaguchi Station Kawaguchi Station

    The primary station of Kawaguchi City Saitama Prefecture

    Kawaguchi Station is a major station for Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. The Keihin-Tohoku Line is available. There are large commercial facilities, small shops and buildings around Kawaguchi Station. Kawaguchi Station is used by not only Kawaguchi citizens but also tourists.

    Although the surrounding area of Kawaguchi Station is thriving, if you are planning to go sightseeing, it is recommended to use a rental car in order to travel smoothly. They are somewhat distant from the station though. There are several car rental service offices along the Sangyo Doro (road) which is in front of the station.

    The Roadside Station Kawaguchi-Angyo exhibits various plants and is about 20 minutes from Kawaguchi Station along the Sangyo Doro → National Route 122 → prefectural road 328. The Natural Onsen Bali Spa Yamato-no-Yu is located along the Sangyo Dori (road) and is a popular tourist attraction. The Kawaguchi Science Museum is about 13 minutes to the north from Kawaguchi station along prefectural road 332 and is recommended for those who are travelling with children.