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Okinawa Luft Travel Rent a car

Luft Travel Rent a carRegional Specialization
Located just one minute from expressway interchanges. We have the closest location to the expressway in Okinawa. We also offer baby seats to meet the needs of those travelling with young children.

Why do customers choose Luft Travel Rent a car?

Conveniently located just 1 minute from the expressway interchange.

Luft Travel Rent a car's Naha location is just one minute from the Tomigusuku Nakachi Interchange. By using the expressway, you can easily access tourist spots in the north such as the Churaumi Aquarium and the Busena Marine Park Aquarium Observatory. This location is also the perfect starting point for visiting central Okinawa spots such as the Ryukyu Village and Kitadani American Village, and southern spots such as the Himeyuri Tower and Okinawa World Culture Kingdom Gyokusendo.

Our baby car seats make travelling with small children a breeze.

There are many people out there who find bringing their own baby car seat a hassle, and don't expect to be able to borrow one when travelling on a low-cost plan. We meet these needs with our baby car seat service. Your child's safety is our number one priority. We offer baby car seats by internationally renowned manufacturer Aprica. The seats were chosen for ease of movement and maneuverability. Rental fees are ¥1,000 for the first three days, and ¥500 for additional days. Please ask a member of staff about this option when making your booking.

Plentiful lineup -- Various types of vehicles including many new cars.

Luft Travel Rent-a-car is particular about the quality of vehicles and has more than 600 new cars that are registered within a year. The lineup of vehicle types is extensive. For instance, Kei-cars (Light motor vehicles) include "Hustler", "Copen" and "Wake" etc. that are trendy and popular models among women. There are classic small models as well, including "New Demio", "New Vits" and also the hybrid types "New Fit" and "Aqua". "Vellfire" which is also known as the high class Station Wagon, is available as well. Luft Travel Rent-a-car offers a variety of products that you can book and specify a type of vehicle.

There are a lot of plans not requiring a gas tank refill.

Refilling the gas tank is the rule in general when returning a rental car. It will be a considerable expense when it is a station wagon type which is a high exhaust vehicle. Luft Travel Rent-a-car offers a variety of plans not requiring a gas tank refill. This is a satisfactory benefit and cost-effective. It is recommended to book a plan with this benefit. Enjoy the best driving and sightseeing in Okinawa without worrying about fuel consumption.

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