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Okinawa Fuji Rent-a-Car

Fuji Rent-a-CarRegional Specialization
Roadside Assistance can be provided to you 24 hours a day! Our staff will support you for a carefree and safe driving journey.

Why do customers choose Fuji Rent-a-Car?

Pursuing "Safety and Reliability" each and everyday

Everyone wants to enjoy Okinawa using "safe and reliable" rental cars. An accident will surely spoil your pleasant trip. As a feature of the company, Fuji Rent-a-Car has always been promoting "Traffic Safety" activities. For example, being acknowledged for the performance in safe driving guidance, Mr. Tamae - Department Chief of the company was awarded with the Green Cross Bronze Medal, one of the Transportation Honour Awards in 2011. Furthermore, with other responsible personnel acquiring certificates in rental car business managing and accomplishing great results, each and every employee is always working towards better quality for services in safety. (Main Island, Miyako, Ishigaki)

No need to look for gas stations

From the thought of "getting rid of the need to look for gas stations so you can enjoy your Okinawa trip even more", a fuel dispenser has been placed inside the Naha Airport Branch Office. Gas price will vary depends on the buying price at the time. However, it is very reliable as the gas price will be displayed clearly inside the branch office. For every litre, the price is about 2 or 3 yen more expensive than normal gas stations, but to be able to fill in the gas and return the car at the same time, it is surely a service you would like to use. (Main Island)

Not being troubled by heavy traffic from the airport thanks to the branch office's location

The branch office's location is one of the many particular points about Fuji Rent-a-Car. Different from other rent-a-car companies which mostly gather in the southern part of Naha Airport, Naha Airport Branch Office of Fuji Rent-a-Car is located in Onoyama, close to Center of Naha City. Actually, the traffic from Naha Airport to the Centre of Naha City is not very heavy. You can get to the branch office without having to deal with the traffic right after arriving at Naha Airport. Then, you can immediately get to downtown Naha after getting the car. While waiting for the procedures to be done, only by looking at the boats docking at the ocean in front of the branch office, you can feel so free that you might even want to scream "I'm in Okinawa!" out loud. (Main Island)

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