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Departures from Okinawa Popular Car Rental Pick-up Spot Ranking

  • picture around Naha International Airport Naha International Airport

    A starting point for Okinawa tourism

    Naha Airport is an air gateway to Okinawa. Most tourists visiting Okinawa use this airport. It is a starting point for Okinawa tourism.

    The Naha Kuko Station (Monorail) is directly connected to 2nd Floor Departure Lobby. Also, there is a meeting place for car rental customers just outside the domestic flights exit. From this meeting place, you may go to the closest car rental service office by free courtesy bus (between the airport and the closest car rental service office) to rent a car.

    Tourist attractions including the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium located to the north of Naha Airport are about 1 hour and 45 minutes drive via expressway. Tourist attractions including the Okinawa Senseki Quasi-National Park located to the south of the airport are within an hour drive via expressway. The Nakachi IC is the closest interchange to Naha Airport. A driving route from Naha Airport along Kokusai Dori (street) → Shuri Castle → the Naha Interchange is recommended for those who want to enjoy the Okinawa atmosphere right away.

  • picture around Miyako-jima Island Miyako-jima Island

    The Cobalt Blue Sea is very popular

    Miyakojima is a remote island located 300km from the main island of Okinawa. It is about 55 minutes by airplane. It is a very popular island surrounded by the Cobalt Blue Sea. The island features Maehama Beach and Sunayama Beach that are known as "The best white-sand beaches in the East".

    Transportation on this island is by bus, taxi or rental car only. Rental cars are a must-have in order to enjoy tourism freely and efficiently on this island. There are several car rental service offices in the area surrounding Miyako Airport. Free courtesy buses between the airport and each service office are available. It is ideal to rent a car at the airport.

    The circumference of Miyakojima is about 100km. The cape of Higashi-henna-zaki is a famous sightseeing spot located on the easternmost part of the island. The vast views of the Pacific Ocean to the right and the East China Sea to the left are stunning. The Kurima Bridge connecting Kurima-jima (island) and the main island, and the Ikema Bridge connecting the Ikema-jima (island) and the main island are also popular driving routes.

  • picture around Ishigaki-jima Island Ishigaki-jima Island

    The base for remote island tourism including Taketomi and Iriomote

    Taketomi, Kohama, Iriomote and Hateruma are popular remote islands in Okinawa. Ishigaki Island is the base access point for those remote islands. Ishigaki Port is located on the southern part of Ishigaki Island and operates numerous ferries every day.

    Transportation on Ishigaki Island is the same as Miyakojima - bus, taxi or rental car only. Since the number of buses are limited, it is convenient to use a rental car in order to enjoy the island freely. Kabira Bay, the Tamatorizaki Observatory, the Hirakubo Lighthouse and the Uganzaki Lighthouse are popular driving destinations.

    Ishigaki Island has car rental service offices in the central part of the port city in addition to the area surrounding the airport. It is convenient to go to the central part of the city by bus based on your arrival time at the airport and then go to a car rental service office as needed.