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  • Let's have a local experience by rental car
  • Beginner can't miss it!Guide for car rental

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  • picture around Okayama Station Okayama Station

    The primary station for Okayama City is easy to access from outside Okayama Prefecture

    Okayama Station is a primary station for Okayama City where the prefectural capital of Okayama is located. The Sanyo Shinkansen, the Sanyo Main Line, the Uno Line, the Tsuyama Line and the Kibi Line are available. This station provides excellent access not only within Okayama Prefecture but also outside the prefecture.

    Although plenty of railways are available, it is convenient to use rental car if you are planning to go to various sightseeing spots. Car rental service offices are in various locations. There is one under the Shinkansen overpass located 100m to the right from the East-guchi (exit). There are several more around the West-guchi (exit).

    The Kibitsu Shrine is also known as the model for the Momotaro Densetsu (the legend of Momotaro). It is about 25 minutes from Okayama Station via National Route 180 and prefectural road 389. Okayama City's major tourist spots including the Okayama Castle and the Koraku-en Garden are about 10 minutes from Momotaro-dori via Shiroshita-suji (street).

  • picture around Okayama Airport Okayama Airport

    The air gateway to Okayama Prefecture operates domestic and international flights

    Okayama Airport is an air gateway to Okayama Prefecture. Domestic flights including Tokyo, Naha and Sapporo, and international flights including South Korea and Shanghai are available. Many tourist attractions including the Koraku-en Garden and the Okayama Castle are located near this airport. Okayama Airport is also used by many tourists visiting Yamaguchi Prefecture.

    Okayama IC is the closest interchange to Okayama Airport. It is a smooth access point for those who travel by car to popular sights including Kurashiki city, Himeji city, and the Seto-Ohashi (Great Seto Bridge). There is a car rental service counter in the airport located near the domestic arrival lobby. You may rent a car at this location.

    The Okayama Koraku-en is one of Japan's most famous gardens. Okayama koraku-en is about 30 minutes from Okayama Airport via prefectural road 72 and National Route 53. Okayama Castle is also located nearby.

  • picture around Kurashiki Station Kurashiki Station

    The station used by many tourists visiting Kurashiki district

    Kurashiki Station is a primary station for Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. The Sanyo Main Line and the Hakubi Line are available. Most tourists visiting Kurashiki district use this station.

    Kurashiki is obviously famous for Jeans. However, it is also famous for Hina Dolls. The Kurashiki Hina Meguri is held every spring in Kurashiki City. You can see traditional Hina Dolls and rare Hina Dolls during this event. There are several car rental service offices around Kurashiki Station.

    You can enjoy views of traditional Japanese-style gardens at the Shinkeien Garden. Shinkeien Garden is about 7 minutes drive from Kurashiki Station via Motomachi-dori (street). The next destination will be the Former Residence of the Nozaki family which is via prefectural roads 22 and 21. Then you may drive along the river to go to the Kojima Jeans Street where there are many local Jeans shops.