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Departures from Nara Popular Car Rental Pick-up Spot Ranking

  • picture around Nara Station Nara Station

    The departure station for Nara tourism

    Nara Station is a primary station for Nara City and is used by most tourists visiting Nara. The Kansai Main Line, the Nara Line and the Katamachi Line are available. There are shopping streets and hotels near the station. It is a convenient station for tourists.

    You may travel by train to go sightseeing from Nara Station. However, it is ideal to travel by car in order to leisurely enjoy the landscapes of Nara while travelling to various sightseeing spots. There is a car rental service office located under the overpass. Go downstairs by using the right side stairways from the east exit. It is about 30m from the station.

    The Todai-ji (temple), the Nara Park and the Kasuga Grand Shrine (Kasuga Taisha) are popular tourist attractions in Nara. They are about 10 minutes from the station via prefectural road 754 → National Route 369. The Heijo Palace Site and the Hokke-ji (temple) areas are along prefectural road 754 toward the Nijo-oji Minami 1-chome intersection which is the opposite direction of where Todai-ji (temple) is.

  • picture around Nara City Nara City

    The city in the atmosphere of the Ancient Kyoto

    Nara City is a prefectural capital of Nara. Nara City was the capital city of Japan during the nara period and the Heijo-kyo ruins are located in this city. Many historic buildings remain in this city even today. Many tourists including students on school trips and history enthusiasts visit this city and enjoy the historic atmosphere of the streets.

    Although many trains and buses are available to go sightseeing in Nara City, you will be able to visit various sights freely if you travel by car. It is recommended to use one of the car rental service offices located near Nara Station which is a hub station if you are planning to rent a car in Nara City.

    The popular route for Nara City tourism from Nara Station is about 10 minutes drive to Nara Park, the Kasuga Grand Shrine (Kasuga Taisha) and the Todai-ji (temple) → The Heijo Palace Site and the Hokke-ji (temple) via prefectural road 104.

  • picture around Kashihara City Kashihara City

    The 2nd major sightseeing resort in Nara Prefecture after Nara City

    Kashihara City is the 2nd major city in Nara Prefecture after Nara City. The weather in this region is ideal for sightseeing. It rarely rains because this city is located in the basin. This city is known for the Yamato Sanzan (the three mountains of Yamato) including Mt.Unebi, Mt.Amano-kaguyama and Mt.Miminashi.

    Unebi Station is a primary station for Kashihara City. The Sakurai Line is available. You may start your sightseeing from Unebi Station, or by renting a car from Nara Station which is a hub station of Nara Prefecture to go sightseeing in Kashihara City. There is no car rental service office near Unebi Station. If you don't rent a car at Nara Station you will need to go to Yamato-Yagi Station (Yagi Station) by the Kintetsu Kashihara Line to rent a car.

    Mt.Unebi, Mt.Amano-kaguyama and Mt.Miminashi are about 40 to 50 minutes from Nara Station via prefectural road 754 and Keinawa Expressway.