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Departures from Kumamoto Popular Car Rental Pick-up Spot Ranking

  • picture around Kumamoto Airport Kumamoto Airport

    An airport at the foot of Mount Aso

    Kumamoto Airport is a gateway to Kumamoto located at the foot of Mount Aso. It is also known as Aso Kumamoto Airport. This airport is used by tourists and businessmen to visit Kumamoto Prefecture.

    There is a Car Rental Site located on the left across the toll parking lot near the Kumamoto Airport Domestic building. Five car rental service offices are available at this location.

    Kumamoto Station is located in the central city of Kumamoto and is about 40 minutes by car from Kumamoto Airport. You may go to other famous tourist attractions via general roads -- Kumamoto Castle is about 40 minutes, Takachiho and Kuju are about an hour and 30 minutes and Kurokawa Onsen is about an hour and 40 minutes drive from the airport. Yamaga City is about 45 minutes and Amakusa City is about 2 hours from the airport via Expressway.

  • picture around Kumamoto Station Kumamoto Station

    The entrance to Kumamoto Prefecture

    Kumamoto Station is a primary hub station for Kumamoto Prefecture. Since Kyushu Shinkansen, limited express trains and tourist trains are available at this station, it is popular among tourists.

    There is a car rental service office in the multistory parking space located 100m to the left from the Shinkansen Exit. You may rent a car here for Kumamoto sightseeing.

    There is easy access via general roads when you go to famous sightseeing spots from Kumamoto Station. Kumamoto Castle is about 10 minutes drive. Aso is about an hour and 15 minutes, Kurokawa Onsen is about an hour and 50 minutes and Kuju and Takachiho are about 2 hours drive. You will be driving along the Five Bridges of Amakusa which is also known as the Amakusa Pearl Line, when you go to Amakusa. You don't want to miss the vast beautiful views from these bridges.

  • picture around Amakusa Amakusa

    Beautiful sea and islands where you can learn about Shiro Amakusa

    Amakusa is a group of islands. Bridges connecting the islands are called Amakusa Gokyo (Five Bridges of Amakusa) and are also known as the Pearl Line. Many tourists come here specifically to see the vast beautiful scenery.

    Amakusa is about 1 hour drive from Kumamoto City and is about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Kumamoto Airport. It is about 20 minutes flight by Amakusa Airline from Kumamoto Airport. You may go to the information counter and ask for a rental car when you arrive at Amakusa Airport. The information counter will contact the car rental service office for you and courtesy service will be provided.

    The following is a recommended route for those who visit Amakusa for the first time: start from the statue of Amakusa Shiro which is Japan's biggest statue (at Shimabara Castle) via the 1st Amakusa Bridge → Shiro Amakusa Memorial Hall → Wakuwaku Aquarium Sea Doughnut. You can visit most of the famous tourist spots of Amakusa in about 3 hours.