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Kanagawa NIPPON Rent a Car

NIPPON Rent a CarJapan-wide Network
NIPPON Rent a Car is ready to meet the needs of all our customers with over 800 locations nationwide and a network of 40,000 vehicles. With a large selection of hybrid cars, we are proactively working on environmental preservation.

Why do customers choose NIPPON Rent a Car?

Our 24 hour outlets make early morning and late night visits possible.

NIPPON Rent a Car operates at 24 hour locations in the vicinity of major airports, and are often the longest running car rental provider. Our 24 hour locations offer even more convenient use, for early morning pickups and late night returns. You can also rest assured that our services are available, even for those arriving on early morning and late night flights. *Please bear in mind that some locations operate during alternative hours during the end of year and new year period.

We are proud of our model line up, offering more choice than any other operator.

The best thing about NIPPON Rent a Car, is our ability to provide models not available with other car rental operators. We handle a large variety of models across a wide range of manufacturers, meaning our customers can avail of the newest and most talked about models. This is a great option for those looking to try a something different, or maybe even test out their dream car for the rental period.

Car navigation with iPod and Walkman connections installed in all vehicles!

One thing you can't do without on a long journey is an audio system. Here at NIPPON Rent a Car, all our vehicles are equipped for connection with mobile audio players such as iPod/iPhone, WALKMAN, etc. Enjoy ease of use by connecting to your mobile device or Music Line. You can also charge smartphones through the USB port using your usb charger.

Consistent tire pressure and condition checks provide peace of mind.

The one thing that directly connects to the comfort of your rent a car journey, is the condition of the tires. We've heard of experiences where it's difficult to drive in a rental car because it's not what the driver is used to, or that the tires of the rental car seem to slip on the road. Cleaning, maintenance and point checks are carried out by specialized staff using a unique car rental checklist to ensure safe driving for you our customers. Among the pre-departure checks, we place great importance on examination of the condition of the tires. Tires are checked for pressure and wear, and if deemed unsuitable, they are changed immediately, sparing no efforts.

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