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Futaba Rent a CarRegional Specialization
With an adjoining repair shop, we are confident that car maintenance is done everyday!

'Insurance/Compensation System of Futaba Rent-a-Car

Compensation included in the rental fee

For our vehicles, the following insurance compensation is attached subject to "wearing a seat belt" as a condition. (Included in rental fee)

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Bodily Injury Limit per person Unlimited
Property Damage Limit per accident Unlimited (Deductible amount: 50,000 yen)
Car Damage Limit per accident Up to the actual value (Deductible amount: 100,000 yen for box trucks, trucks with body installation or microbuses, 70,000 yen for over 2 ton trucks or pick-up trucks, 50,000 yen for other car types)
Physical Disability Per person Up to 30,000,000 yen
Compensation will be paid for injuries to passengers (including death and residual disability) regardless of the degree of the driver's responsibility. The amount of damage will be calculated by the insurance company according to the terms of the insurance agreement.
Deductible amount
It is the amount of money covered by the customer within the compensations for property and car damage.

Regarding cases that are not covered by insurance

Insurance does not cover any accidents occurred during the following situations.

  • Accidents occurring while driving without wearing seatbelts
  • When the accident is not reported to the police (when Certificate of Accident cannot be acquired)
  • When an unauthorized business arrangement was made
  • When the accident is not reported to the branch office from the accident's location
  • Accidents occurring while driving during an extended period of rental without permission
  • Accidents occurring when the rental car was driven by a person other than the driver (or co-driver) written in the agreement
  • Accidents occurring while driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Accidents occurring while driving without a driver's license
  • Damage caused due to theft of the vehicle
  • Accidents occurring while driving with more passengers than the allowed capacity
  • Damage caused to the rental car when driving on a sea coast, river bed, or woodland path, and/or on a place other than a roadway (an accident happened on a place other than on a managed and maintained road)
  • Repair costs were incurred because the rental car was used in a bad manner, resulting in damage and/or corrosion of the body of the rental car and so forth
  • Damage caused because the rental car was used for conducting various tests and/or games, for towing another car, and/or for pushing another car from behind
  • Damage caused to the rental car in case of accident with vehicles that you possess, use and/or manage
  • Damage caused to rental cars or signboards inside the branch office
  • Malfunction of the rental car due to operation mistake
  • Damage caused to items equipped in the vehicle
  • Damage caused to car tires, flat tires or loss of hubcaps
  • Usage in violation of clauses in the rental agreement
  • Other accidents listed as disclaimer in the insurance agreement

Non Operation Charge (NOC) ※It is different from the Compensation System above.

In the event of damage caused to the rental car due to accident, regardless of the degree of damage and repair period, the fees below will be charged as compensation for business interruption for that period.

Driven back to the scheduled shop (Rental car is driveable 20,000 yen
Not driven back to the scheduled shop (Rental car is not driveable)  50,000 yen
  • Non Operation Charge (NOC) is not covered even if Exclusion of Liability Compensation System is purchased.
  • Costs regarding towing service of the rental car will be paid by the customer