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Hokkaido HONDA Rent a Car

HONDA Rent a CarRegional Specialization
The Sapporo Honda Dealer (official retail outlet) running the HONDA Rent a car carries 100% Honda options! High quality maintenance is one of the advantages of Honda's fully fitted maintenance garage. Our Chitose branch is located close to the Chitose Airport Interchange.

Why do customers choose HONDA Rent a Car?

Avail of the latest Honda models, with almost all options current models.

Here at HONDA Rent a car, our unique selling point is our selection of latest models and current models. As the Honda Dealer handles new and used cars (up to two years old) in its usual retail operations, the rent a car services have access to new vehicles, and are sold as used cars after use.※Photo: Honda FIT; all the skills at Honda are incorporated into this popular model

We provide popular Honda models in both compact and standard car options.

We provide popular Honda models across all categories, from compact and small cars to vans. For example, in the compact car category we offer N Series cars such as N-ONE and N-BOX. In the small car category we offer FIT, FIT Shuttle, and FIT Hybrid. In the van category we offer FREED, STEPWAGON, and more. Search our range for a rental car to match your trip in Hokkaido.

Our Chitose Airport Branch is easy to access by expressway

Because the HONDA Rent a car Chitose Airport Branch is located away from other car rental operators, you can move in and out easier during the peak summer season. ※1 When compared with Sapporo Rent a Car Association affiliated operators.

Rent a Car Advisor offers customer support!

Our Rent a Car Advisors are certified by the National Rent a Car Association and is supported by Ministry of Transport. They are Rent a Car specialists who provide useful information to customers to ensure a safe car rental service. There is a Rent a Car Advisor present at all our branches. They should be able to answer all your questions and provide the best advice to meet a wide range of queries.

Honda professionals enforce strict tests and maintenance.

Car rental operators can be loosely divided into two types; operators managed by car manufactures and dealers, and operators from other lines of businesses. It goes without saying, HONDA Rent a car is a manufacturer operator. Our advantage as a Honda retailer is that maintenance and checks are carried out by professionals who are used to dealing with Hondas. ※Photo is an image

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