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Departures from Fukushima Popular Car Rental Pick-up Spot Ranking

  • picture around Koriyama Station Koriyama Station

    The 2nd largest station in Fukushima Prefecture

    The Tohoku Shinkansen, Tohoku Main Line, Ban'etsu West Line and the Ban'etsu East Line are available at Koriyama Station. Koriyama Station is more convenient than Fukushima Station as a starting point when you travel to the southern part of Fukushima Prefecture including the cities of Koriyama, Sukagawa and Aizuwakamatsu.

    Although there are many tourist attractions around Koriyama Station, you can enjoy sightseeing in distant areas smoothly if you have a rental car. There are car rental service offices located at the West Exit (Nishi-guchi) on the 1st floor and at the Shinkansen Exit (Shinkansen-guchi) in Koriyama Station.

    The closest interchange to Koriyama Station is the Koriyama IC. Lake Inawashiro is a famous tourist attraction in Fukushima and is about 50 minutes drive along the Ban-etsu Expressway. The Miharu Takizakura is a must-see if you travel in spring. It is about 20 minutes from the station by car along prefectural road 57.

  • picture around Fukushima Station Fukushima Station

    The primary hub station in Fukushima Prefecture

    Fukushima Station is a major hub station in Fukushima Prefecture. In addition to the Tohoku Shinkansen, the Tohoku Main Line, the Ou Main Line, the Abukuma Express Line and the Iizaka Line are available at this station. This is the best station as a starting point to go sightseeing in Fukushima Prefecture.

    Although many railways are available at Fukushima Station, rental cars are recommended in order to travel around tourist attractions efficiently. There are car rental service offices located 80m to the right from the west exit of the station and along the main street in front of the station.

    The closest interchange to Fukushima Station is the Fukushima West IC. The Jododaira is recommended for those who want to enjoy the superb views in Fukushima City. The Jododaira is about an hour drive from Fukushima Station along prefectural road 70. The Jododaira is surrounded by the rich natural beauty such as mountains and wetlands. There is also an observatory considered a holy place among astronomy fans nationwide.

  • picture around Fukushima Airport Fukushima Airport

    The air gateway to Fukushima Prefecture

    Fukushima Airport is an air gateway to Fukushima Prefecture and operates regular flights to Sapporo and Osaka. The closest interchange to Fukushima Airport is the Fukushima Airport IC.

    Izumigo Station is the closest train station but railways around this area are very limited. Therefore, rental cars are highly recommended for tourism. There is Car Rental Reservations Counter located next to the domestic arrival lobby on the 1st floor.

    The must-see tourist attraction in Fukushima is the Nanko Park which was established by the Shirakawa lord Matsudaira Sadanobu and is Japan's oldest park. You can enjoy beautiful scenery of seasonal flowers. From Fukushima Airport to this park, drive along prefectural road 63 and then enter the Abukuma Kogen Doro Expressway at the Yabuki interchange and go toward Shirakawa City. The Bobata onsen is known for the highest radium content in the Tohoku region. This hot spring is about 12 minutes from Fukushima Airport along prefectural road 63.