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At Times Car RENTAL we offer our customers security and peace of mind, built on the three pillars of a bright welcome, safe vehicles, and clean outlets.

Why do customers choose Times Car RENTAL?

Choose from our vast selection of Japanese car manufacturers.

Our distinguishing feature is providing a vast selection of popular models from Japanese manufacturers such as Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, and Honda.

Received the top award for customer support in the Rent a Car field in 2013

A Japanese brand strategy and research organization announced Times Car RENTAL as the top award winner for 2013 Customer Support Ranking in the Rent a car section in May of 2013. Their research was carried out by surveying users who engaged in online and telephone support services. The results were gathered online in regards to 20 providers and their services, and the rankings were tallied from a total of 7,763 valid survey submissions. Unsurprisingly, there are many users who avail of car rental services just once a year. Because of this unfamiliarity with car rental services, customer support plays an important role in the service provided.

3 more stores around Hakata Station in addition to 22 stores in Fukuoka.

The advantage of renting a car from Times Car RENTAL in Fukuoka area is that they have numerously expanded their business offices in the region. You will be able to find the nearest service office based on your wish. For example, Fukuoka Kūkō Store is located just across the street from the exit of Fukuoka Airport Terminal 1 Bldg. You can also request courtesy service. There are 3 stores around Hakata Station --- [Hakata Eki-mae] is approximately 1 minute walk from JR Hakata Station Chikushi-guchi, [Hakataguchi] and [Hakata-ten] are approximately 10 minutes walk from JR Hakata Station Hakata-guchi. You will be able to choose the most convenient location based on where the hotel you are going to stay is located.

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