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  • picture around Fukui Station Fukui Station

    The station representing Fukui City where there are many historic sights

    Fukui Station is located along the Hokuriku Main Line and the Katsuyama Eiheiji Line. The area surrounding this station is the largest downtown area in Fukui Prefecture. There are many commercial facilities and hotels. This station is a starting point for Fukui Prefecture sightseeing.

    Although there are attractions within walking distance from Fukui Station, it is convenient to use a rental car if you want to explore various sights as you tour the city of Fukui. There are several car rental service offices near the station's underpass and along Kidabashi dori (street) near the east side exit of the station.

    Fukui Station is in Fukui City where there are many tourist historical attractions. The Yoko-kan-teien Garden and the Fukui City History Museum are scenic spots. They about 5 minutes drive from the station via Osensui dori (street) or Sakura dori (street). The Ichijodani Asakura Family Historic Ruins are remains of the Sengoku period (the era of Japan's Civil Wars). They are about 23 minutes from the station along the Mino kaido (road).

  • picture around Tsuruga Station Tsuruga Station

    The primary station for a town where you can enjoy fresh seafood

    Tsuruga Station is a primary station for Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture. The Hokuriku Main Line and the Obama Line are available. A bronze sculpture of Tsunuga Arashito and statues of Japanese anime "Galaxy Express 999" and "Be Forever Yamato" are standing in front of the station. This station is a popular tourist spot for taking photographs.

    There are several car rental service offices near the station to the right of the station exit. It is recommended to use a rental car if you are planning to go sightseeing in Tsuruga City or in Fukui Prefecture.

    Tsuruga City is a port city located along the Sea of Japan. The Nihonkai Sakanamachi (the Sea of Japan's Seafood Market) is a popular tourist attraction. It is about 10 minutes drive from Tsuruga Station → Tsuruga kaido (road) → Kanayama Bypass. The Tsuruga Konbukan is also near Tsuruga kaido (road). The Kehi Shrine is about 4 minutes drive from the station. The Kehi Shrine's Torii gate is one of the three largest wooden Torii gates in Japan.

  • picture around Awaraonsen Station Awaraonsen Station

    One of the best hot springs in Fukui Prefecture

    Awara Onsen is a popular tourist spot in Awara City, Fukuoka Prefecture. This is one of the best hot spring resorts in Japan and is recommended by hot spring medical therapy specialists.

    Awara-Yunomachi Station is the closest train station to the Awara Onsen. The Echizen Railway's Mikuni Awara Line is available. It takes about 10 minutes drive when you use the JR Hokuriku Main Line's Awaraonsen Station. Since this hot spring is about 45 minutes from Komatsu Airport, it will be fun to travel by rental car and stop by various sights on the way to Awara Onsen.

    There are several hot springs and shops including the Awara Onsen Ashiyu which offers a free foot bath, and the Darumaya-kaho (confectioner's shop). There is a traditional hot spring resort atmosphere in this area. Tojinbo is also a good sight to visit since it is only 20 minutes by car.