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If children travel along in the rental car, how is the person capacity calculated?

For children younger than 12 years old, the person capacity is calculated as follows:
1 child => 1 adult
2 children => 2 adults
3 children => 2 adults
4 children => 3 adults
5 children => 4 adults

Example) In case of a small car with a person capacity of 5 people
3 adults + 3 children under 12 y/o Within capacity (O)
2 adults + 4 children under 12 y/o Within capacity (O)
4 adults + 2 children under 12 y/o Within capacity (O)

*For customers who use NIPPON Rent a Car
When using NIPPON Rent a Car, the above capacity calculation for children cannot be applied.
Please treat children as adults to calculate capacity when making a reservation with them.

If a child safety seat is not used, the chance of death or great injury is very high in case of an accident or sudden breaking. Even if law allows it in some cases, for the safety of children, we strongly refuse customers exceeding the maximum capacity of a car.

When applying for a rental car, please make reservation for a car with enough capacity, and please use a child safety seat for all children who’s age demands it.

*Children under 6 years old are required to use a child safety seat.
*Please check the correct placement of the child safety seats yourself.

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