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Okinawa【remote island】What’s NOC (Non-Operation Charge)?

It is the amount the user pays to the car rental company as ‘compensation for business’ for the period when an accident/theft/breakdown/contamination, etc. occurs while using the rental car and the car requires repair or cleaning.

NOC will be charged even if your rental plan includes a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver).

For example, the cases below show the charges.
- When the car is still able to run and is returned to the rental office: 20,000 yen
- When the car does not run: 50,000 yen
* The charges for Times Car Rental vary according to vehicle classes.

‘Able to self-run’: 20,000 yen-50,000 yen, depending on the vehicle class; ‘Not able to self-run’: 50,000 yen-100,000 yen, depending on the vehicle class

Some car rental companies have a compensation system that exempts payment of NOC. The name of ‘NOC Compensation System’ may be different at each company.

▼Car rental company: whether they have an NOC compensation system (tax inclusive price)
ORIX Rent-A-Car: ○ (648 yen/24 hours *1,296 yen for van class)
Times Car Rental: ○ (1,080 yen/24 hours)
Toyota Rent a Car: ×
NIPPON RENT-A-CAR Miyakojima and Ishigakijima: ×
NISSAN Rent a Car Ishigakijima: ○ (540 yen/day *If you apply for Nissan Anshin Support Plan ("NAS") : 324 yen/day)
Fuji Car Rental: ○ (500 yen/day)
Travel Rent-a-Car: ○ (540 yen/day)
Rent A Car Kinsuke: 〇 (1,500 yen/24 hours)
Gold Ishigaki Car Rental: 〇 (540 yen/day)
Smile Rent A Car: ×
Rakuen Car Rental: ×
Concierge Car Rental Ishigakijima: ×
Honda Rent-a-Car Ishigakijima: ×
Iriomote Car Rental: ×

Whether car rental companies have an NOC compensation system or not, prices might change without notice. For details, please contact the car rental company directly.

In addition, all plans at Tabirai Car Rental include ‘CDW,’ but ‘NOC compensation’ is not included. *Some companies have a plan with NOC compensation.(What is ‘CDW’?)


*Depending on car rental company, you might receive an explanation about the ‘NOC compensation system’ at their reception desk, but customer’s can decide whether or not to opt in.

*Depending on the car rental company, there are restrictions on the number of years the driver has had a license and age for applying for the ‘NOC compensation system’.

*Depending on the car rental company, there are different compensation contents for equipment such as caps and wheels.

*If the customer doesn’t have the accident report issued by police or if the case falls under the insurance policy disclaimer, the compensation system may not be applied.

(Updated in January 2017)

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