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  • picture around Matsuyama Airport Matsuyama Airport

    An air gateway to Ehime Prefecture is the busiest airport in the Shikoku and Chugoku Regions

    Matsuyama Airport is an air gateway to Ehime Prefecture. It connects major cities including Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. It is the busiest airport in the Shikoku and Chugoku regions. Most tourists visiting Ehime use this airport.

    JR Matsuyama Station is the closest station to this airport. However, it takes about 15 minutes by car. It is ideal to rent a car when you go sightseeing. There is a car rental service counter near the domestic flight ticket counter on the 1st floor.

    Matsuyama Castle and the Saka no Ue no Kumo Museum are about 20 minutes drive from the airport along prefectural road 18. Matsuyama Castle is one of Japan's Three Great Mountain Castles. Dogo Onsen is about 25 minutes drive from the airport via prefectural road 18 and 187.

  • picture around Matsuyama Station Matsuyama Station

    A primary hub station for Ehime Prefecture

    Matsuyama Station is a primary hub station not only for Matsuyama City but also for Ehime Prefecture. The Yosan Line is only available. However, the Botchan Ressha (a small steam locomotive) is available in front of this station.

    There are many sightseeing spots in Matsuyama City including Dogo Onsen, Itami Juzo Museum and Matsuyama Castle. It is recommended to use a rental car if you want to visit various sights efficiently. There are car rental service offices near Matsuyama Station.

    Dogo Onsen is about 13 minutes drive from Matsuyama Station along Heiwa dori (street). From Dogo Onsen, you may take the Shikoku pilgrim route. This route includes the Ishite-ji which is a temple related to Emon Saburo, and the Matsuyama City Shiki Memorial Museum which is a historical museum of Masaoka Shiki (Japan's famous writer in Haiku and Tanka poetry). Additionally, Kashima is a popular tourist attraction. There are deer in the park surrounded with greenery.

  • picture around Dogo Onsen Dogo Onsen

    The hot spring referred to in the novel written by Soseki Natsume

    Dogo Onsen is in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture and is one of Japan's Three Ancient Springs. This hot spring was referred to in a novel by Soseki Natsume "Botchan" and became Ehime prefecture's representative tourist attraction. It is also known as the bathhouse in a Japanese animated movie "Spirited Away". It was modeled after the main building of the Dogo Onsen.

    The closest station from Dogo Onsen is the Dogo Onsen Station. It is a tram line located in front of the Iyo Railway Matsuyama Station. A rental car is convenient when you go to Dogo Onsen from Matsuyama Airport or Matsuyama Station. There is a car rental service counter in Matsuyama Airport and there are several service offices near Matsuyama Station.

    Dogo Onsen is about 23 minutes from Matsuyama Airport along prefectural road 18 toward the Heiwa Dori (street) → prefectural road 187. Or it is about 15 minutes from Matsuyama Station via Heiwa Dori (street).