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  • Let's have a local experience by rental car
  • Beginner can't miss it!Guide for car rental

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  • picture around Akita Airport Akita Airport

    The air gateway to Akita Prefecture

    Akita Airport is an air gateway connecting Akita Prefecture to Tokyo, Hokkaido, Nagoya and Seoul South Korea. From Akita Airport to Akita Station is considerably distant. You need to use a limousine bus or a taxi.

    It is better to rent a car at the airport if you wish to start your tourism smoothly from Akita Airport. There is a car rental service office inside Akita Airport located next to the Nigiwai Hiroba near the departure lobby on the 2nd floor.

    The Port Tower Selion is a popular tourist attraction around Akita Airport. You can overlook Akita City, the Oga Peninsula and Mt. Taihei etc. from the Port Tower Selion. It takes about 40 minutes to arrive at the Port Tower Selion by driving along the sea on prefectural road 61 or National Route 13. It will be fun to stop by at the Akita Marugoto Ichiba (Market) on the way to Port Tower Selion.

  • picture around Akita Station Akita Station

    The starting point of Akita City tourism

    Akita Station is located in Akita City Akita Prefecture. Two railways of the Ou Main Line and the Uetsu Main Line are available. You can purchase Ekiben (railway boxed meals) in Akita Station to enjoy Akita delicacies. There are a lot of Akita tourists stopping by this station for this very reason.

    There is a car rental service office just outside of the west exit of Akita Station. It is a good idea to rent a car here if you are planning to go sightseeing to a little distant area from Akita Station.

    The Akita Chuo IC is the closest expressway interchange to Akita Station. Tourist attractions in northern areas including Otaki Yama Shizen Park and Mount Taihei Ski Resort are about 20 to 30 minutes drive by prefectural road 15. If you are planning to go to the Port Tower Selion to enjoy the view of Akita City and the Sea of Japan, driving on prefectural road 56 is good but it is better to use National route 7 in order to travel smoothly.

  • picture around Odate-Noshiro Airport Odate-Noshiro Airport

    The closest airport to the Shirakami-sanchi World Heritage

    Odate–Noshiro Airport operates only for the regular flights to/from Haneda Airport. This airport is located near the Shirakami-sanchi World Heritage. There are many tourist attractions and rich natural beauty around this airport including the Ani Ski Resort, the Nagaki Mountain Stream and Mt. Moriyoshi. You can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons.

    JR Takanosu Station is the closest train station and takes about 15 minutes by taxi from the Odate–Noshiro Airport. Therefore, rental cars are a more efficient way to travel if you start sightseeing from this airport. You can ask for a rental car at the rental car information desk located on the 1st floor near the arrival lobby in this airport.

    The Shirakami-Sanchi world Heritage Conservation Center (Fujisato-kan) of the Ministry of the Environment is about 45 minutes drive by prefectural road 325 and prefectural road 317 from the Odate–Noshiro Airport. It is recommended to travel during the day to be safe since you will be driving on mountain roads.