For those with a foreign driving license

For those with a foreign driving license to rent a car in Japan, you must present the following documents at our office:

Required documents

You will need one of the following licenses that is valid in Japan, in addition to your passport.

1. If you have an international driving license

Passport and international driving license

You must posses a valid international driver’s license issued under international traffic standards (Geneva Convention, September 19, 1949) and may drive within one year of arriving in Japan or until the expiration date of the said driver’s license, whichever occurs first.

  • You cannot drive in Japan with other international driver’s licenses such as those based on the Vienna Convention.
  • When driving a large vehicle, over 10 persons in capacity, a permit is required on column D of the vehicle license section.

2. If you have an international driving license and its Japanese translation

Passport, international driving license, and its Japanese translation

If you have a driving license issued in the following seven countries and areas: Taiwan, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, France, Belgium, or Monaco, you can drive in Japan for one year after your arrival with your original driving license accompanied by its Japanese translation.

  • However, the translation should be an official version translated by a legally authorized person (embassy, consulate, JAF etc). Your own translation will not be acceptable.