How to book a rental car

Please read here to learn how to book with Tabirai Car Rental.

How to use Tabirai Car Rental

Tabirai Car Rental offers a car search system where you can refine the results according to 'period of hire', 'area', and 'car type'. This basic feature allows our customers to look for the car that suits their needs best.
Please read this to learn how to use our car rental search system and the process of booking.

How to use Tabirai Car Rental


Search for a car from conditions or a map

  • Select the area of your departure and search for a car rental office within that area.
  • Car types are categorized according to the car's emission and model.
  • Input your conditions on the search box and press 'Search'. You will then get a list of cars that match your needs.


Compare and choose from the cars on your list

  • This indicates the car's emission and model.
  • These are option menu for each plan.

Confirm the details

Confirm your plan and charges, then proceed to booking

  • This is the plan currently selected.
  • These are automatic discounts applied to your plan.
  • Departure and returning offices mean where you hire the car from and where you return the car to.
    If you return the car to an office different from where you hired it, you may be charged extra handling costs.Please confirm the final cost for your plan, because each car rental company has different rates.
  • These are extra options available.
  • Proceed to booking.


Input booking conditions and customer information

  • This is the plan currently selected.
  • Please input a telephone number on which we can communicate with you on the day of your trip and in case of an emergency.
  • Please tick here if you would like to receive eLetters.
  • Once you have completed the information, please click here to proceed to confirmation screen.

Booking complete

Please confirm your plan and charges, and complete the booking process.

  • Please click here if there is a mistake in the information provided, or if you would like to make any changes.
  • Once you have confirmed everything, please click here to complete the booking.

Booking complete

Once the booking process is complete, you will receive a booking confirmation email in your registered email address.

  • We recommend you to use a PC email address for making a reservation.
  • If you’re using a cellphone email address, please enable email permission from "".

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